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Daddy's Girl

Sarah's in the hotel suggesting the $10 million plan to her dad. She says it's a 3 percent deposit, since the building's worth more than $300 million. She says if he wants her help, though, he has to use her team. That team is, of course, Chuck and Casey. Gary Cole tells Sarah Casey has a cop face, which he kind of does. I think it's the sternly furrowed brow and inability to smile. Gary Cole says he and Sarah will handle the money deal and tells Cop Face that he's security. Chuck tells Casey they can trade nicknames if he'd like, since Chuck's "Schnook." Casey tells Gary Cole they're using his account number for the transfer, since he doesn't trust Gary Cole. Chuck asks what about him, since he doesn't know any German beyond pop-culture references. Gary Cole says Chuck's job will be most difficult; he has to sit there and not talk.

Chuck, Gary Cole and Sarah are dressed as exterminators, and clearing out an office by saying the poison causes low fertility. After everyone evacuates, they redecorate it to look like it's Lichtenstein Enterprises. Casey sits at the front to alert them that the sheik and his men are coming. The sheik walks in and Sarah's pretending she's talking to someone about Lichtenstein. Gary Cole's down the hall pretending to talk to people who aren't there about Lichtenstein's busy schedule. Sarah and Gary Cole lead the sheik and his men into a board room where Chuck is waiting for them. Gary Cole and Sarah tell the sheik the terms: They need 3 percent, or $10 million, to take the building off the market. The sheik would like a word with Lichtenstein first. Sarah says she'll translate, but the sheik doesn't trust her, so brought his own translator, who immediately starts speaking German to Chuck. Chuck looks like he might die, but then starts speaking English in the worst German accent ever. ["Doing his best Colonel Klink impression." -- Angel] Ironically, he tells the translator that he has the worst accent ever, and is butchering Lichtenstein's language. So the deal is off. Casey tells them through earpieces that the businessmen they evacuated found out there was no extermination ordered today and they're coming back up. Sarah repeats to the sheik that the deal is off, and she's sorry. But she is happy to wire him the money back. Gary Cole thinks this can still be worked out. But Chuck, in his accent, is insisting the deal is off. He's trying to get the sheik's men out of the room, when the sheik tells them all to stop being crazy, because this is his building, and they had a deal. Chuck, Sarah, and Gary Cole get in the elevator and leave the sheik on the floor. They're still there when the businessmen return, and one guy asks who the hell they are, and why the wall says Lichtenstein. The sheik rolls his eyes, all frustrated. Not exactly the reaction I'd expect when someone loses $10 million.

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