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Daddy's Girl

Agent Redhead is telling Sarah and Casey they were able to freeze $1 billion of the sheik's foreign accounts. Then she tells Sarah they're sending agents to pick up her father at 5 p.m. today, so she should say her goodbyes. Casey tells Agent Redhead how valuable Gary Cole was, and that maybe that could get his prison sentence lowered. She says prosecution will be made aware, then her screen shuts off. Sarah thanks Casey and he pretends he doesn't hear her. No, really. He cannot even say "You're welcome" because that will mean he's a little, weak girl.

At the Buy More, Morgan's telling Chuck the car's stolen. Chuck apologizes, but then Morgan tells him that, No. This means the car will get impounded, and he'll pay back Awesome and still have $10,000. Anna interrupts that "we" will have $10,000. She's already thinking of how she'll decorate their apartment. She tells him she loves him, and he says it too. She walks off and blows him a kiss, which he catches and eats. I know it's all just air, but that's still a little bit strange, I think. But then, this is Morgan. Why would he know what to do with something so simple as a kiss? Then he tells Chuck he has to grow up sometime. Chuck says he's proud of him. Right then, though, Lester and Jeff walk up and tell Morgan he won't believe what just showed up in the Audio Install. Chuck tells him not to do it, but Morgan says it can't hurt to look. It's the General Lee. ["As the Yello song "Oh Yeah," also from Ferris Bueller plays in the background. Funny writers. Very funny." -- Angel] He looks back at Anna, and we don't get to know if he buys it. Which I think means he did not.

In her hotel room, Sarah's doctoring up her dad's wound. Basically, she's giving him a tourniquet for the shoulder she shot. She looks at the clock and sees it's 4:55, so she asks him to go get her some Rocky Road at a store around the corner. She asks why he put the money in Chuck's account. He says he had to put it somewhere and he didn't trust Cop Face. She's like, "But you trusted Chuck?" And I respond, "Sarah, you've seen Chuck, right? It's impossible to not trust him. He has, like, the sweetest face ever." He tells her reading people is the only real talent he has, and he knows that Chuck would never betray her. He made a $10 million bet that Chuck loved her, and it turns out he was right. He says he'll be right back. She stops him and says, "Could you make it a double scoop?" But there's so much more she wants to say. He leaves and she cries.

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