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Aces, Charles

In the bedroom, Chuck apologizes for not calling to warn her he was bringing their dad home. She says it's not Chuck's fault; she's just mad at their dad. Then she actually says, "Crazy old dad; aren't you mad at him?" I don't know why, but the way she says "Crazy old dad" is totally odd to me. It seems a strange phrasing anyway, and she says it like it's cute, not like it's something that would cause anger. Chuck's not mad. He realized he would rather forgive than hate. Ellie thinks hating him is easier, but Chuck says he's all they have left and this is their last chance at being a family. She says, "Let's go." It's a very sweet scene between these two, and I'm glad we got it. Especially after last week, when she felt betrayed by him because of the bachelor party.

In the living room, Ellie tells Bakula she guesses she was just surprised to see him. He's sure she was. Chuck and Awesome sit there awkwardly. Bakula tells Ellie she looks just like her mother. Ellie apologizes to Awesome for leaving them alone like that, but Awesome says it's fine, adding that her dad was just explaining their TV to him. Bakula jumps in, saying he was telling "Dev" that he practically invented their TV. He came up with plasma crystals in high school, but never saw a dime for it. He also invented touch-screen technology. Chuck and Ellie clearly think their dad is a loon, so they try to change the subject with pizza-ordering talk. Bakula says he went to school with Ted Roark (someone famous, judging by Chuck and Awesome's reactions), who stole all his ideas. As he talks about Roark releasing a new software this week, Bakula shuffles papers and sets some down a little too perfectly on the coffee table. Bakula gets up to get touch-screen schematics to share, and Chuck flashes on a flier Bakula left on the table. It's about "NextExpo," which is apparently where Roark's unveiling his new software. The flash is Fulcrum-related. While Bakula's away from the coffee table, Ellie says she's really trying, but he's obviously as crazy as they remember.

At Castle, lots of pictures of Chevy Chase are on monitors as General Redhead talks about Chuck's flash on the flier. She says that the CIA thinks Roark's latest software might contain some virus that could cause irreparable damage to the world's computers. They can't contact Roark and let them know, for fear of alerting whoever's bad inside Roark. Instead, Chuck's going in as a new employee to see if he flashes on anything or anyone. His interview is in an hour. General Redhead shuts herself off, and Sarah asks if Chuck's okay with this, considering his dad went to school with Roark. Casey asks, much less sensitively, if Chuck's daddy issues are going to jeopardize the mission. Chuck says he's fine. He's dreamed of working for Roark since college -- more than Apple or Microsoft. Though he thinks it might not qualify if he goes in as a janitor. Sarah laughs and says he's going in as himself: Chuck Bartowski, Stanford grad and computer wiz. She tells him he's "perfectly qualified to go in as himself," and you can see how happy this makes him.

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