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Aces, Charles

Suited up, Chuck arrives at a big, high-tech-looking building. He's greeted by a chipper guy in an office who's wearing a dark gray shirt under a tight black vest and black scarf. It's too much in the way of making him seem like a total dweeb who's trying too hard, but I think Chuck's too nervous for his fake interview to notice. He tells the guy he loves it here, and the guy offers him a seat on an ergonomic ball. It's sort of a disaster, as Chuck can't balance and so takes awhile to stabilize. It's noisy and awkward, and Sarah and Casey clearly are wondering from their positions in the van what's going on. The scarved dweeb is a Stanford man, so he instantly likes Chuck. He's only been out of school two years, though he says that's eons in the computer game. Chuck tells him about his job at the Buy More, closing by saying he gets to work with many unusual personalities.

Cut to Jeff and Lester running oddly through the Buy More, basically stalking Big Mike. They jump in front of him and show him a NextExpo flier. They think it will be important to be there, so he tells them to send Chuck. They say Chuck's not here, and they'd like to go. Big Mike approves it, and tells them to have fun hanging out at the weirdo convention. They're stoked!

Chuck's telling Scarfy the Dweeb that since college, he's been stuck in a life that he can't really see a way out of. Scarfy tells him this interview is a good first step. He offers Chuck the job, and then has to literally pull Chuck up off the ball. He tells Chuck they'll work on his ball skills. As he gives Chuck a tour, Chuck's excited about the bathroom, lobby, and everything else. Chuck rounds a corner and comes face to face with Chevy Chase (Roark). They shake hands, and Roark tells Chuck never to wash his hand. Chuck says he never will, sir, but Roark tells him no sirs around here, joking that only applies to a woman in his group. He's one of those guys who thinks he's funny because everyone laughs when he tells a bad joke, but he's really not. [I didn't even get the joke. Did he mean only the woman has to call him "sir," or they only call the woman "sir"? - Zach] As the dweeb's leading Chuck out of the building, Jeff and Lester are apparently camping out for NextExpo. They see Chuck accepting his ID badge and orientation binder from afar and wonder if Morgan knows Chuck's cheating on him with Roark. They call Morgan to tell him. He pretends he knew Chuck was interviewing there, but he's not fooling anyone.

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