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Aces, Charles

A beeping starts, and Bakula says it isn't working. A door opens and Roark says no, it doesn't work, but he's sure Bakula can fix that. He remembers Orion always having a way with machines, while he always had a way with the girls. Doubtful, since he's at least ten years older than Bakula, but whatever. Maybe the ladies liked older-than-average students. Roark is mocking Bakula, and Chuck doesn't like it at all. Roark says he's been looking for Bakula for a long time and that the years have been unkind. Um, dude, look in a mirror. If you're supposed to be the same age, the years have only been unkind to Roark. But he offers Bakula a good moisturizer. Roark says to put Bakula on the helicopter and kill the CIA agent, gesturing at Chuck. Bakula says that Chuck is actually his son. Roark fakes congratulations, saying he had no idea. Then, "Kill the son." Bakula says he'll build anything Roark wants, including an Intersect for Fulcrum, but only if Chuck walks away from here. The Mummy says he'll build it either way. Bakula says his son walks away. Roark says okay, he's not a monster. He adds his only legitimately funny line, "Well, I'm a little bit of a monster." (By the way, I'm not criticizing Chevy Chase. I think he's playing Roark perfectly; he's supposed to be an idiot windbag who thinks he's funny, but isn't. Which is funny in its own way, but Roark isn't funny. Chevy is a little.)

Roark heads to the helicopter. [I love that he calls "shotgun." - Z] Bakula comes over to say goodbye to Chuck. He tells him to take care of Ellie and himself, that he can do this without Bakula. Chuck doesn't want to lose his dad again so soon. And neither do I, now that I know how awesome Bakula is (I didn't watch much Quantum Leap; I know that is a serious hole in my TV knowledge.) Chuck says he's not going to leave Bakula, as Bakula opens the door to let him out. Bakula asks if Chuck remembers him telling him not to trust his handlers. Casey and Sarah run up then with guns pointed at the bad guys waiting to take Bakula away. Bakula says he may have been wrong about them. Of course he was. The Mummy, gun pointed back, along with the whole crew of bad guys, says that if Chuck's going to walk, he better do it now. Chuck lunges forward and screams, but Casey and Sarah hold him back, as The Mummy closes the door. I did not know this show could do the dramatic and sad this well, but I was totally teary.

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