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Aces, Charles

At Castle, General Redhead TV explains to Casey, Sarah and Chuck that their raid of Roark Instruments didn't yield the Intersect or Stephen Bartowski. She says that Fulcrum's possession of Orion poses a huge security threat. Chuck asks if she means Fulcrum's possession of his father. She promises that no one at the CIA knew his father's secret identity, and that they will entrust finding him to their best team. Chuck yells that they are the best team. Casey can't believe he's saying this, but Chuck's right. Sarah disagrees, saying that they can't put Chuck back in the field now that Fulcrum knows he's Orion's son; it's too dangerous. Chuck says that as soon as his dad finishes Roark's Intersect, he's worthless, obsolete (how, exactly? Won't the government still need an Intersect?), and that Fulcrum wins. He says all that matters now is getting his father back, and General Redhead needs him to do that. She says the assignment is his, provided his personal entanglements don't interfere.

Ellie arrives home in her scrubs to pancakes and orange juice on the dining room table. I must have allergies or something, because my eyes are watering again. She cutely and happily calls for her dad, but finds Awesome in the kitchen. He tells her he doesn't know how to tell her this, but he thinks her dad split; his stuff is gone, but maybe he'll come back for the wedding. She tearily says no, he won't. Awesome tells her if it's any consolation (and I think that it is), he's not going anywhere, ever, no matter how bad things get, because that's what married people do. She's won over and hugs and kisses him. He tells her that in 50 years, they'll laugh about his bachelor party. She says they won't, and he agrees they might not.

Chuck walks in, and Ellie rushes over to ask if he's okay. I had completely forgotten this is the first time she's seen him since watching him screw up his new job, so she's still worried about that. He says he's fine, and that only his career was injured. Ellie becomes the strong big sister, telling Chuck that their dad left. She says she yelled at him about the job. Chuck tells her it's not her fault, but she says it's her fault for asking Chuck to find their dad in the first place. She says she thought she needed him to walk her down the aisle, that he would somehow be different than the guy who left them. She says she expected too much from him. Chuck tells her not to count him out yet. She half-smiles, admiring how forgiving and loving Chuck is. Then we get a close-up of the blue, glowy Intersect 2.0, and the camera pans out to show Bakula tinkering next to it, at least looking like he's working on it for Roark.

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