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Quick, Everybody Kiss Chuck!

Chuck shows up at the conference center, asks who's in charge, and tells the guy who is that he's not anymore. Chuck gets on the walkie-talkie with Casey, who says they have about 15 minutes. Jill has to get in there. They don't have hazmat suits, but she's going in anyway. Chuck won't hear of it, and he's going instead. He says she can talk him through making the antidote, which is really not a good idea. After all, he's the Intersect. And what if something happens to the walkie-talkie? She says she'll let him go, then pulls out a needle and poisons him with the virus. He can't believe she just poisoned him, and she says that's the only way to make the antidote (with his blood). Sarah's in a big hotel kitchen, tracking our bad guy, the assassin from earlier. She ends up killing him, and he has a CIA badge. Uh-oh.

Casey greets Chuck less than warmly, saying that he thought things couldn't get worse, but knowing that their survival hopes rest with Chuck proves that they could and did. Chuck ignores him, and Jill starts talking him through what to do. He has to draw his own blood, but he wants Casey to do it. Unfortunately, Casey starts to pass out and drops the needle and breaks it. Jill tells Chuck that was the only syringe, but she's looking for another. He asks her to hurry, since they're running out of time.

Buster also says they're running out of time, telling Morgan, Lester and Jeff they have one minute left and haven't attempted the Heimlich section. Morgan and Lester get an idea, and give Jeff a pen cap to choke on. He obliges BECAUSE HE'S INSANE, and starts choking and turning red. It really looks to not be an act. Can you actually make yourself choke on purpose? Awesome comes over to give Jeff the Heimlich and says the steps out loud as he's doing them. Morgan and Lester write furiously. As soon as the pen cap is shot out of Jeff's mouth, Morgan and Lester put their pens down and say, "Done." Buster is not pleased. Poor Jeff. He had to do the choking and didn't get to finish the test? I hope he'll get an extra minute since he choked.

Chuck asks Casey what they're going to do, and Casey tells Chuck to think of something since he's smart and went to Stanford -- sort of. Someone sneezes and Chuck has an epiphany: Since viruses are spread airborne, he thinks maybe the antivirals metabolize in saliva. Casey doesn't get it, and Chuck can't even believe what he's about to do, but he licks his lips and prepares to kiss Casey. Casey resists, saying he's served his country with honor and wants to die with dignity. But Chuck pushes harder and plants a big, wet kiss on Casey. Right then Jill walks in wearing a hazmat suit, and asks Chuck what he's doing. Chuck and Casey both spit, and Chuck tells Jill he thought the antivirals could spread by saliva. She tells him it's no wonder he failed biochem, as that's totally ridiculous. But come on! It was the best TV kiss ever. Totally full of HoYay and also hatred. Chuck's apologizing to Casey, as Jill makes the antiviral using Chuck's blood. Chuck and Jill split up the serum and distribute it to everyone. Sarah's walking up to the front of the building right as Chuck, Jill, Casey and the survivors come out. Casey has to go vomit. Chuck sees Sarah, who gives him a huge, proud smile. He looks like he sort of wants to go talk to her, but doesn't want to leave Jill. He turns back to Jill, who tells him he was amazing. He downplays it but then says, "Well, maybe a little." Our Jill Mix song is playing again as Jill and Chuck kiss. It's cute and sweet, but it doesn't have the chemistry of any of Chuck and Sarah's past kisses. I think partly because we have to wait so long between them, but also because of Yvonne and Zach's unbelievable chemistry. That said, I like Jill and especially love the triangle -- and that the tables are turned on Sarah, and she has to long for Chuck like he's always done with her.

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