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Quick, Everybody Kiss Chuck!

Chuck's at what is apparently the Sheraton, where a poster tells us the Bio Science Conference is occurring. Chuck, who has so much room to joke about being geeky, teases the guy he's helping that he bets these conferences get really wild. Then he goes directly into his own geek speak: The networks are set up with some sort of Ethernet and firewall. He looks up from the work he's just completed and sees Jill, still in glasses but looking smokin' hot. This is Jordana Brewster, after all. Chuck drops to the ground, and asks the geek he's with if "the attractive, brown-eyed, slightly egg-heady brunette with an extremely cold heart is still here." The guy says she is (he recognized her by the cold heart, most likely), and asks why Chuck's hiding. Chuck confides, geek to geek, that it's his ex-girlfriend, Jill Roberts, who broke his heart. He needs a diversion, and asks if the geek will pull the fire alarm. Just then Jill walks up and asks the geek if there is anyone who can help with the tech requirements for her lecture. Without hesitating, the geek tells her "under the desk." I guess Chuck sort of had that coming, what with making fun of the conference earlier. And I'm glad the guy told, because I wanted these two to reconnect right away to get this all moving. But Chuck is under a folding table, not a desk. So maybe that guy is a bio-scientist, but I have totally mastered Furniture 101: Pieces You Pull A Chair Up To.

Jill looks under the table and smiles, surprised, "Chuck?" He comes up and pretends he was fixing someone's "flange" under there. Then he quickly throws away his Buy More pocket protector before Jill noticed it. He tells her that yes, he's Chuck Bartowski and pretends he doesn't recognize her. She's like, "It's me! Jill!" He's like, oh, of course, and then they hug awkwardly across the desk. She asks how long it's been and he gives up nonchalant by quickly saying, "Five years, four months." He asks what she's been up to, and she says she got her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering. She's giving a presentation on infectious diseases at this conference. He tells her he's still "in the computer game," to which she replies, "World of Warcraft?" Not really, but this is a geeky show, so you know that was tossed around in the writers' room. He lies that he owns his own computer company, a franchise with 16 or 17 locations. He is here working because he still likes to do the installs himself, to get his hands "mussy." She says she's happy for him since, "Last time I saw you, you were working at a Buy More." He tells her that was a learning experience that he wouldn't change for the world. But she'd change some things, particularly about their relationship. No time to elaborate, though, because a French guy, Guy LeFleur, walks up and she introduces him to Chuck as her boss. Chuck flashes on hazardous chemicals and dead bodies, and Guy and Jill leave. On her way, she tells him where she's staying, and that he should call if he wants to grab coffee.

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