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Quick, Everybody Kiss Chuck!

Chuck, Sarah and Casey are in the Orange Orange Super Secret Lair (OOSSL), where Agent Redhead is telling them that Guy is a head research scientist for a European pharmaceutical company, and that he may have developed and be selling a bioweapon. Chuck wants to know if Jill's involved, and Agent Redhead says that's Chuck's job to figure out. Sarah and Casey will do surveillance, while Chuck reconnects with Jill. Chuck hopes that by "reconnect," Agent Redhead means e-mail or Facebook, but no such luck. She wants Chuck to call her at her hotel and make a date to see if he flashes on anything. Chuck thinks a date with his ex is a bad idea, since this is the girl who destroyed him, took all his confidence and his mojo (Casey interjects, with more than a little skepticism, "You had mojo?"). Chuck says he was on his way, and that she slept with Bryce. Casey looks at Sarah and scoffs, "Who hasn't?" Sarah tells Chuck that she knows Jill hurt him but that maybe seeing her will give him closure. She also tells him that the CIA will make him look good. Speaking of looking good, why is Sarah dressed like a 10-year-old girl here, with matching summery tangerine tank top and head band with curled-under hair? I get that she's in her Orange Orange uniform, but the headband is a bit much. The credits for this show, with their fun music and animation, make me wish every show still had regular length credits instead of the new, time-saving Lost-style "Name of Show" only, with actual credits over the start of the episode.

When we return, Buster's standing in the back room at the Buy More, with all of the employees lined up in chairs in front of him. Directly in front of him is a round table with bell on it. He dings it, which is apparently his neurotic indication that he'd like people to pay attention to him (they already were). He tells them that they almost lost their dear leader to a tiny, little donut today. Morgan pipes up, "Please! We lost Big Mike to donuts years ago." Everyone laughs, so Buster dings his bell again. He shudders to know how these people would respond to an actual catastrophe, such as a fire or earthquake, so they have decided to implement an emergency preparedness course, and one of their colleagues knew someone willing to teach it. And in walks Captain Awesome with a CPR mannequin. Did anyone else notice this doll is clearly wearing a wig, in the style of Ellie? Do we even want to know? Chuck gets up and asks Awesome if he's sure he wants to do this. He tells Chuck he loves volunteer work (and, I'm sorry, but I think a company like Buy More should be paying for someone to do this; they're not a charity by any means) and that CPR is such a breeze that a child could learn to do it. Chuck says Awesome might have a shot then. Then Chuck tells everyone that Awesome is really good at this, and he's the one who certified Chuck. Buster pipes up that Chuck might be certified, but he will still have to take the test. Two things: Dude, Chuck got you a volunteer CPR instructor, so back off; and 2. I think it's probably not legal to make someone who's certified take the certification test for a job. But I know nothing of labor laws, particularly in California (or any state that I don't live in), so I'll shut up. Casey comes and tells Chuck it's time to get ready for his date and Chuck ducks out. Doesn't Casey have to take the class?

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