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Quick, Everybody Kiss Chuck!

Chuck's trying to sneak out of the apartment in a fancy suit (which is strange, since the CIA was helping him get ready; you'd think he'd be at Casey's or in the OOSSL), when Ellie walks in and catches him. She notices his suit looks expensive, and he says it wasn't because he had a coupon. She thinks it's so cute he'd get all dressed up for Sarah. Chuck asks if Ellie ever thinks about her ex-boyfriend, Doug Wald, and would she go to dinner with him to catch up on old times if they ran into each other and he asked? She guesses she would, and he's glad she said that because he's going out with Jill, not Sarah. Ellie immediately says, "Jill?! No, no, no, no. No. Absolutely not." She tells him he can't go to dinner in a new suit with the girl who dumped him, slept with his best friend, and otherwise broke his heart. She's trying not to be overprotective (oh dear god, this is Ellie trying not to be overprotective? I don't even want to see her when she's not trying), but she knows how much Jill hurt him and doesn't want to see him go through that again.

Cut immediately to Chuck driving a Ferrari, as Bond-style music plays. Jill's in the passenger seat. Then Chuck kills the car and the music fades. He says he'll have his assistant look at the sticky clutch. Jill points out they're sort of far from the valet, but he decides they'll get out here and walk. And the valet is good, because he's already walking toward them too. Inside the restaurant, Casey greets them. Although in a hilarious disguise. He has a European accent, although I can't make out what it's supposed to be exactly. And he has a feathery-looking bowl cut with bangs. And a tiny strip of a goatee. We greets Chuck as "Mr. Bartowski," and leads him to a table. People along the way talk to Chuck, telling him he's looking good. Chuck asks Casey under his breath if everyone in this place is CIA. Casey says, "Of course." When they get to their table, Chuck thanks Casey, calling him Jonathan and slapping him affectionately on the face. Jill thinks it's like Chuck owns the place, but he assures her he's just an investor. Sarah walks up in a short black bobbed wig with a French accent, and greets "Mr. Bartowski," and asks if she can get them anything to drink. She offers him his usual, a 2000 Le Fiefs de La Grange. Chuck says, "Oui, oui," but coming from Chuck it sounds more like Wee-wee. How appropriate. Jill tells Chuck how happy she is that everything's turned out so well for him after everything that happened. He tells her that he never stole those tests, and she says it doesn't matter now. He tells her he knows it doesn't matter now that he drives a fine Italian car and is "alarmingly well-known at this particular restaurant," but that he needed her to believe him when it did matter. She acknowledges she should have believed him then, but the tests being in his room and Bryce telling her made her think he was lying. Chuck's sure Bryce made a convincing argument, since she hopped right into his bed. Jill looks like she's going to cry. Sarah, listening in at the bar, does too. Chuck's pretty sad himself. Jill says this might not have been a good idea, just as Sarah tells Chuck there's a phone call for him at the bar.

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