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Quick, Everybody Kiss Chuck!

At the bar, Casey growls at Chuck as he hands him a phone. Chuck puts it up to his ear as he explains himself to Sarah and Casey: He's getting closure (and, hey, Sarah did suggest closure as one positive that could come from this). Sarah tells him he has to be a spy first tonight. He tells her he's not like her and can't turn his emotions on and off like some robot. He quickly apologizes, and she asks if he's done feeling sorry for himself. He'd like another 10 minutes of really pathetic self-indulgence, but he won't take it and will go back in instead. Back at the table, Chuck promises no more interruptions. And he promises that the guy who was at the table with her before was a Chuck imposter and he kung-fu'ed him at the bar and he won't bother her again. She's glad, because she likes this Chuck a lot more.

As they're leaving the restaurant, Chuck says Jill hasn't told him what she's working on, and she says she can't talk about it. She knows that sounds mysterious, and she's starting to think there are sketchy people involved, so she doesn't know who to trust. He says she can trust him and gives her his sweetest innocent Chuck face. She falls for it and says (I have to quote here because none of it means anything to me): "Remember biochem? We're working on a strain of influenza, specifically how the hemagglutinin protein infuses the viral envelope with the vacuole's membrane." (Note: If that's wrong, blame my closed-caption writers.) She asks Chuck if that sounded like gibberish, but he understood perfectly up through her asking if he remembers biochem. Ha. Me too, Chuck. She's about to simplify, but Lester and Jeff drive up in the Nerd Herd car and start talking to Chuck, wondering how he got another hottie (or "Chiquita banana") after Sarah. Chuck tries to tell Jill these are old Buy More colleagues who haven't moved on. When the valet brings Chuck's car out, Jeff asks whose Ferrari. Jill asks if it isn't his car, and Lester says that on $12.50 an hour at the Buy More, it's not likely. Jill's angry to find out he still works at the Buy More (hopefully because of the lying and not because she's being judgmental). Lester and Jeff realize what they've done and drive away. Jill takes off, angry that he's been lying. Jeff and Lester back up to apologize for ratting him out.

The Buy More staff is in the back room doing disturbing and stupid things with the CPR mannequins (they all have strange wigs; apparently this line of them comes with fake-looking wigs), when Awesome walks in for their next lesson. He reprimands them, asking what's wrong with them. Jeff says he drinks too much, and Lester says his parents had impossible standards. Awesome tells them the written part of the test is tomorrow, but apparently they didn't know about this. Jeff says, "Man, if I wanted to take tests, I would have been a boat captain." I have no idea what that means, and I'm sure it doesn't matter. Buster tells them if they don't pass the test, they can take the 30-hour remedial CPR course, but they won't get paid for that training like they are this time. He laughs an evil laugh, and it sort of reminds me of Pee-Wee Herman. So now I feel like I should like this character, but I still don't.

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