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Quick, Everybody Kiss Chuck!

Chuck's eating cereal in the morning when Ellie comes in and asks if she can ask him personal questions. He doesn't even make her ask, but tells her she was right and he never should have gone out with Jill. She tries to make him feel better, saying maybe she overreacted and maybe there was a reason he went to dinner with Jill. For example, he always had a million questions, and now he got some answers. He doesn't think it did any good to poke around in his past, but she thinks now he can close that chapter of his life. I love how Ellie can finally be okay with something she thought was a bad decision after she's already won. Anyway, Chuck tells her she's right again, so she's still winning.

Sarah and Casey are surveilling outside of Guy and Jill's hotel when Chuck arrives. He says he came to see if Jill's all right. Sarah tells him she hasn't left her room since coming home last night after their date. She's making a phone call, but Casey can't pick any of it up on their bug, so he and Sarah argue over who should go plant another one. Chuck says he can do it. He'll go up there, tell her he's really sorry, she'll tell him he's a giant loser, and he'll leave the bug. Sarah makes sure he knows where to plant it, and he says he does. He says he's going in.

Transition to Morgan saying the same thing to Jeff and Lester in the courtyard of Chuck and Ellie's apartment. He asks if they're ready, and Lester says he was born ready. Jeff says he was born premature. So, not so much ready then, Jeff? Jeff and Lester knock on the front door and Ellie answers. She tries to shut the door quickly, saying Chuck's not there, but they know already; they're here to talk to her about Chuck. Also, Lester calls her Elizabeth. I'm not sure I knew that was her name. Morgan digs around in Awesome's bag for the test while Lester and Jeff tell Ellie their concerns about Chuck: They think he has rabies. She thinks they are crazy and creepy, mainly because they are. She slams the door, and they realize Morgan's about to get caught. Morgan's knocked over a laundry basket trying to get into Awesome's bag and has just picked it all up, with one last pair of panties in his hand, when Awesome comes in and asks if Morgan's looking for something. He tells Morgan he'd never leave the test in his bag. Ellie walks in and asks Morgan if he's holding her underwear. He quickly drops them into the basket and said he wasn't here for those; he came for the test. Ellie's like, "So you deny being a perv, but you admit to being a thief?" But, really, a thief is slightly better, I think, all things considered. He gives himself props for being honest.

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