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Quick, Everybody Kiss Chuck!

Chuck knocks on Jill's hotel door, and when she asks who it is, he says he's the lying, well-meaning fool who rented a Ferrari last night. Watching the hall camera on video, Casey bets Sarah ten bucks that she doesn't let him in. Sarah ups it to 20 and takes that bet, because she knows how charming Chuck is with the ladies. Chuck tells Jill he's there to tell her the truth. He says he works at the Buy More, lives with Ellie, and doesn't know what he's doing with his life. But he wanted her to think he was something special, hence the suit and the car he didn't know how to drive. Sarah and Jill are both melting a little. Chuck tells her that as soon as he saw her again, he knew he hadn't gotten over her yet. She opens the door and asks him to confirm that, and when he says no, he hasn't gotten over her, she lets him in. Casey pays up to Sarah back in the van. Chuck asks Jill again about her lecture as he turns the bug on. He goes to place it, but she stops him by telling him to stop underselling himself, because she had a really nice time with him last night. She wants no more lies and deception. Chuck turns off the bug and tells her there won't be more lies or deception. She kisses him. And he's giddy. It's completely adorable.

He gets back in the van, and when Sarah asks what happened, Chuck says it was great, fine, they really connected. Casey's like, "She's talking about the bug, moron." He says he planted it, but he might have turned it off. Luckily, it's idiot-proof, and Casey taps in to her cell and room phones. Sarah asks Chuck why he's smiling like that and he says Jill kissed him. I know he and Sarah are over, but you'd think he would still feel a little weird just telling her stuff like that knowing her feelings for him. Or maybe he doesn't actually know her feelings for him? Could he be that stupid? Chuck looks at the surveillance footage of a guy getting into an elevator and flashes on someone's tattoo. He tells them that guy is an assassin called "Wolf Den." They see him push the button for Guy's floor and head out, telling Chuck to stay in the van. Casey adds not to touch anything.

The assassin shows up at Guy's room pretending to be room service. He comes in and locks the regular lock and the chain. Don't most hotel rooms have dead bolts or those metal bar contraption things, not chains? Back in the van, Chuck puts on the headset and listens to Jill making a phone call. I was so afraid she would turn out to be evil right here, but she's just calling her old bitch friend Sherry to tell her Chuck came to apologize. Sherry, still a bitch, says she hopes Jill didn't let that loser in. Chuck's sneering in the van. Jill says Chuck's a puppy dog and she couldn't say no, plus she thinks he's cute. Sherry says, "Cute? He's a computer dork who makes ten dollars an hour." Chuck says to himself, "Hello? It's $12.50." Only it's not just to himself, because apparently they can hear him, and Jill's like, "Chuck?" He pretends he tried to call her and must have gotten patched in. She asks if he bugged her phone, and he's like, "What am I? An entomologist?" She says she's calling security, and he realizes he's totally blown it.

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