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Volkoff Industries. Vivian's on the phone telling someone there was only one person her father was ever threatened by. He went by the name of Agent X. She's going to track him down and kill him. Then no one can touch her. Ever. We see her little horse statue and then the vault it opened the first time she was in this office, which now contains the thorium.

Next week: Chuck and Sarah get conned out of their wedding money somehow, and suspended from work for some reason, so they turn to the one guy who can out-con the conners: Sarah's dad, Gary Cole. Also, it's time for Alex's mom to find out Casey (or Alex, to her) is alive.

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DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, would love this Volkoff vs. Bartowski storyline even more if Orion were still alive. You can contact her at

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