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Chuck and Sarah show up on a dirt road somewhere in a fancy car as Casey radios that he's in position and will shoot if "she makes one wrong move." So, I guess it's the Vivian meet-up. Sarah still wants to talk prenup, but Chuck says it's okay; he gets that spies need secrets. She tells him she doesn't have secrets from him, but it's "family stuff." Chuck plays it cool, and Sarah continues her disappointment. A dark SUV shows up filled with Vivian and some goons. She gets out and asks what the hell is up with this remote meet. Chuck tells her what the CIA's accusing her of, but she swears she'd never do that and she wants nothing to do with her father's world. To prove it, she offers up a deadly weapon and asks if Chuck trusts her. Before he can answer, a sniper starts shooting. Sarah tells Casey to cut it out, but he says it's not him and he doesn't know who it is. Vivian ducks and runs, as she tells Chuck she can't believe he'd set her up like this. He protests, but it's too late; damage is done.

Castle. General Redhead says the kill order still stands for Vivian, but Chuck wonders what if this really is a deadly weapon she gave them; would that be enough to recall her kill order? Chuck says the only man who can tell them what the weapon is happens to also be the most dangerous man in the world. Quick swipe to a close-up of Volkoff in a group session apologizing for cutting someone off in the cafeteria line. A counselor coaches him on how to explore his feelings as he makes amends. Volkoff: "I feel... I feel..." Then he hears he has visitors, turns to see Chuck and Sarah and finishes: "I feel like I'm about to have some fun." Evil Volkoff grin. Man, I missed him. Definitely the best bad guy this show's had. Cake opening.

Chuck begins his meeting with Volkoff by telling him they don't trust him. Post-counseling Volkoff says he understands, and is ashamed of himself. Chuck's eyes get wide, but Sarah continues, telling him there's an assassination order out on Vivian that he can help remove. Volkoff says it's all his fault: "absentee parent." He tells them he's not interested in how the world can serve him anymore; he's interested in how he can help serve his fellow man. Chuck pulls out the weapon and asks what it is. Volkoff says it's the Norseman, a DNA tracker. With just a sample, he says, a target or family of targets (think Bartowski) could be picked out of a crowd and killed instantly. He says the weapon has two other components, which Sarah wants. Volkoff says they're worth a lot and he would like five minutes with Vivian to make amends in exchange for the components. Chuck thinks Volkoff just wants out of jail so he can escape, which isn't going to happen.

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