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Inside, the chess machine puts Volkoff in check and points guns at him. Volkoff thinks the guns and bullets are sort of overkill. "Story of my life." Volkoff says he used to not care if he lived or died, but now he does care; he doesn't want to die, but he's going to. Chuck asks if a spiritual man would stop in the face of adversity, and gives him a pep talk about what it means to have the DNA of the most evil weapons dealer: Alexei Volkoff. It works well enough, so Volkoff finishes the chess game off in two more moves. The guns go away and the vault opens. [Why didn't Chuck just use the Intersect to play the game for Volkoff? - Zach] Outside, Casey and Sarah lose audio and then pick up Russian voices instead. They rush in.

Inside, Volkoff swabs his nose to open the DNA-coded vault. The thorium's sitting there, but Volkoff tells Chuck they'll get to that; first he has an amends to make to Chuck. Chuck says he's aware of all the bad things Volkoff's done and he's learning not to hold it against him. Awww. Volkoff, though, says this isn't about what he's done. It's what he's about to do. Uh-oh. Sarah and Casey rush in then and tell Chuck they picked up some Russian on the radio. A trap, you see, because some guys surround them then, followed by Vivian. Volkoff says this is what's called the twist, and Vivian says she needs leverage to run her father's company, which would be the Norseman. She just needed her father's DNA to get the killing agent. Chuck says Vivian was shot in the arm by the sniper. She just shrugs, because... another Volkoffian setup. Chuck says Volkoff and Vivian never communicated. But Volkoff says they did, through Chuck. He knew what was up as soon as he saw the Norseman component, a message from Vivian. He tells Vivian they'll run the company together and he owes her an amends for being absent during her formative years. Vivian tells him there'll be time for that, then takes the thorium. Sarah tells her the thorium's useless without the other components, but Vivian says the other components are what's useless; they can be rebuilt. She then turns on her way out and tells her dad she's not un-cuffing him from Chuck. Because this is the real twist: He'll die by his own plasma grenades here with the rest of them. He orders her to release him, but she says he taught her to trust no one. Chuck tells her she's not this person. She tells Chuck he doesn't know who she is, since he's lied, betrayed her, and shattered her life. Volkoff tries to reason with her, but she says he's a stranger. She leaves. Lasers light up in the doorway so they can't get out, even after taking out the guards. Volkoff pouts about how much Vivian hates him and it can't be repaired. Chuck pep-talks him. Sarah and Casey try to figure a way out, but can't. Luckily, the pep talk worked well enough again, and Volkoff shuts everything off. He says he was going to tell Vivian his secrets and they were going to be partners. Then he adds, "Velcome [sic] to the future." Chuck and Sarah look worried. Maybe because they worry all that good therapy went down the drain.

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