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The Easy Way Out

Sarah walks into the Orange Orange, and Chuck greets her with a hostile, accusatory query about why there's a camera on the Buy More roof, what with its lack of terrorist activity and all. Um, Chuck, you are the intersect. The government needs to protect you. Keep up. Sarah changes the subject to tell him what the new mission is. He asks if they can talk about this tomorrow because Jill's waiting for him in the car. Sarah follows Chuck toward the door and asks if everything's all right with Jill. He says it is and asks if this is some spy thing, a psych evaluation or something. She says no, it's a friend thing. She wants to make sure he's okay. It's very sweet. He says he's great, because being with Jill is like having his old life back. He doesn't want to bash their cover or anything, but he's happy to be with someone who knows the real him. Sarah says from everything she's seen of Jill, she seems great. Chuck wonders if she might be willing to see a little less and stop spying on him all the time so he can have some privacy with his new (and old) girlfriend. She says she'll talk to Casey. Chuck thanks her and leaves. Sarah tries to shake off how emotional this whole thing is making her. Literally. I mean, she literally tries to shake it off by shaking her head.

At the Buy More, Buster Bluth is looking through invoices and finding that none of Chuck's off-site installation invoices are signed. He finds this very curious. Also at the Buy More, on the sales floor, Chuck and Casey discuss whether he can have any more privacy. Chuck appeals to Casey by asking him how many chances we get with the one who got away, but Casey tells him he's not even interested in his own feelings so he certainly doesn't want to hear about Chuck's. He wants him to keep his mind on the mission. Casey walks away and Morgan comes up to show his BFF the best thing to come from Canada since Shania Twain. It's a piece of hardware that honestly looks like the inner parts of a computer, but Morgan explains it's a game copier that will copy anything, ignoring all forms of copy protection. You know, so they never have to buy a game again. He tells Chuck it's highly illegal. Buster Bluth walks up right then and asks what's highly illegal. They both play dumb, so Buster assumes they're going to smoke weed on their lunch break. He calls it "reefer" and "ganja," and says that the loading dock is like a Five For Fighting concert at lunch. Really, Buster? Five For Fighting? Not the first band I think of when I think of concerts where pot's smoked.

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