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The Easy Way Out

Back at Chuck's, he's getting ready to go on the mission, and Jill's being all girly and possessive about him going to a hotel with his cover girlfriend. He tells her Casey's always at overnight missions, too, so there's nothing romantic about it. Jill asks if Sarah's pretty as they're walking across the courtyard to Casey's. Chuck beats around the bush, basically making it clear he thinks she's gorgeous, but without saying as much. Jill thinks the missions they go on must be exciting and romantic, but he says nothing about whether this job is glamorous or sexy. Just then, they walk into Casey's and Sarah is in a little red dress with fishnets and bright red lipstick. As sexy as she's ever been. All that and we're just now to the credits.

At the hotel, Chuck and Sarah are walking together, with Casey behind them dressed as a bellhop. Chuck wants to know why Sarah has to be dressed like that, and she explains that men in this hotel tend to pay to have sex with pretty girls like Sarah, so he needs to start selling the cover. They set up in a hotel room and change to crawl through the ventilation system to Gui's room. Chuck doesn't like it and would like to get out of here to go on a date with Jill. Sarah tells him if he goes by the cover, he should figure out how long it would take to have sex with a prostitute. Chuck's struggling in the ventilation, and accidentally pocket-dials Jill. She answers and hears him asking Sarah how long it will take them to have sex from start to finish. He's also trying to squeeze through the ventilation and she tells him to move his hips a little to the left. He says it's way more exhausting than he thought. He asks Sarah if she went to a school to learn how to do this. Jill looks legitimately pissed (keep that in mind for later), hangs up the phone (keep that in mind for later), and storms out of whatever room she's in.

Morgan goes for a snack in the back room of the Buy More, but is stopped by Buster, who's all set up at a table blocking the snacks. He tells Morgan to think of Buy More as a country (Morgan quickly names it BuyMoria, because he's thought of it as that for years). Buster says the employees are the states in the nation, and one state is looking to secede. That state is Chuck. Morgan says that Chuck is loyal to BuyMoria, but Buster doesn't get receipts for the invoices, so wants to know where he goes all the time and what he's spending money on. His guesses: uppers, glue, or a baby mama. Let's just hope not all three at once. Buster tries to get Morgan to spill, but he won't, so Buster pulls out some surveillance photos of Morgan making out with Anna in the backroom (I know it's just a photo, but how nice is it to realize they haven't forgotten Anna?). Buster says this could be grounds for deportation unless Morgan helps him help Chuck. But Morgan insists Chuck doesn't need help.

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