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When X Is Not X

But the General's had it with the pussyfooting around this business, and finally finally sends Sarah to Gstaad. Chuck's mouth hanging open, tears in his eyes, and Sarah's just like, "Look, I will grovel about this shit later, but right now I have to get on a supersonic jet and we can work out our power issues when I get there, because even though it's not really about me at this point, it's about you, which makes it about me because I love you and I'm just really, really sorry."

From the heights to the depths: Back at Buy More they're luring Greta to the Cage with a product-placed sandwich, so Morgan tries to beat her there before she can kill them, but of course Greta gets there and pulls her knife -- meaning she's the one that's blowing the CIA facility's cover at this point, at least until they are dead in a second -- so Morgan whines and wriggles and tries to resolve it without using any of the actual words, like "spy" or "assassin" or "massive coverup" or anything like that... (One awesome Jeffster joke, sent Lester's way: "Do you want to die with your wig on or off?") And then Jayne Cobb shows up and calls out in his best CIA voice, "Stand down. Stand down." And River stands down, and Casey produces all this insta-evidence that she was stealing from the store and is a weird knife-wielding thief, so Morgan goose-steps her out of there, and it's sort of great. Except for the part where Jeffster lives. Or is on this show, ever.

Sarah texts Chuck that she'll be there soon, and he fumes at her gorgeous picture on the phone, and then beautiful Riggle sees the Belgian enter the vault on their cameras. He and his body man run for the gondola, which Riggle pronounces a whole new other way again, and Chuck wants to wait for Sarah but Riggle reminds him that this whole episode is about not waiting for Sarah, so they head off to "be heroes." Which Chuck immediately realizes he's been fooled into extreme Dangertown, but one thing about Chuck: He doesn't back down until maximum comedy potential has been reached.

Greta points out that, though Colonel Casey is quite admirable, the Buy More outpost and its personnel are... Unprofessional, to say the least. Which is what happens when you turn a dork haven into a CIA facility and forget to tell anybody that's what you're doing, I guess. Casey gives a whole speech that goes, "This episode was about me reintegrating with the team emotionally, and so I have done. Here are a bunch of lies about how great Team Castlemore is, and piss on your 'facts' and 'logical proof' that we're not actually spies just because we are not spies." Hugs all around, he is mean to her and they growl at each other like animals until she leaves, tail between her shapely legs even though she is right, Morgan commences climbing all over Casey's face and jock, and everything is back to normal.

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