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When X Is Not X

But then suddenly Charles Carmichael is decrypted from the secret of the microdot. He's one of the assets/photographs that the Belgian was selling. So even though the Belgian was at the sale and totally saw everybody in the audience, he didn't notice that Chuck was A) the Intersect or B) in Gstaad until it was convenient for the plot that he do so. So now suddenly Chuck is in terrible danger and must not apprehend the Belgian. Casey calls Sarah, Sarah calls Chuck, but Riggle wrestles the phone away from him and tells Sarah to quit bugging them and acting all paternalistic, and hangs up.

"You don't need Sarah. This is all you. Last chance, Chuck. On or off?" Once again Chuck chooses hope over wisdom, but it takes all of five seconds for the Belgian to prove that this was the wrong call: "Agent Carmichael's coming with me. The asset in your head is worth far more than the entire list embedded in these microchips!" See, for me that would do it. I don't want heroism, or to believe in myself anymore than I do -- which is to a fault already -- but should Richard Chamberlain have the opportunity to yell at me something like "The asset in your head is worth far more than the entire list embedded in these microchips!" I would consider it a life well-lived.

Chuck ends up hanging over the Alps, of course -- you knew that was coming the second Riggle said "gondola" a million times -- and is denied help several times. First because it's like the Ultimate Test and thus lights up Riggle's eyes something fierce because maybe they'll both die; then because it's literally as close to PFOD as you can get; then because this is the perfect example of a situation where Sarah, his rock [got it] can't help him: "Tell yourself you don't need her, and give in to the fear!"

Ah, but Chuck knows damned well he needs Sarah. Specifically that he loves her, which means needing her in a way that is both less and more scary than hanging out of a gondola by your fingertips while ten sexy tons of Rob Riggle fights multiple Eurobaddies inches from your nose. "I'd rather love Sarah than have the Intersect," Chuck grunts, somehow both completely getting and completely missing the point at the same time, but either way he's not flashing and Riggle's not budging, and it's a perfect hit of that old-school toughness I was whining about a second ago.

"CIA didn't send me out here to affirm your love, Bartowski. You need the Intersect up and running. Now, get that rock off your chest and be a real spy." Beat. "Like me!" Beat, and then Riggle gets shot through the chest and falls to his death with one final, gorgeously weird "Did I just get... Shot? I certainly did!" The Belgian pulls Chuck back into the gondola, and answers his phone to tell Walker that she won't be looking for them, or contact them further, or else Chuck is dead.

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