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When X Is Not X

Back home, Sarah calls the General from Castle, but between acts the Belgian has disappeared from Gstaad on a private jet that has since apparently landed nowhere at all. The General promises that she's got word out everywhere and it's all very Code Red and please calm down, and puts Casey on the new mission. "Sarah, he's out there. We'll find him. But until there's intel, go home and get some rest. You'll be informed of any developments." Sarah swears she's not leaving Castle, and the General orders her home. Casey tries to comfort her -- "Bartowski's smart. Intersect or no, he'll be fine" but Sarah knows damn well he got into this mess: Sarah telling him over and over not to get into this mess.

The Belgian's insane face has Chuck tied up somewhere, torturing him for the Intersect -- Stupid sexy irony! -- but Sarah's not sitting still, no. She's back in Burbank, packing up all of the guns and knives and gumption available in America, when Morgan and Casey appear in their bedroom, offering her -- and she looks real sad and it's real sad to watch -- their aid in whatever rogue mission she's planning. And when she says thanks, it's somehow the most touching part of all.

You've got me for these three weeks of November, and if you've read this far you already know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Next week: Chuck moves from Bear Gay to Supervillain Gay in the attempt to solve for all sets f(x) such that x = X. (Hopefully without turning Y into his ex. As it were.)

Watch the episode below, then discuss it in our forum. Then see some of our favorite Chuck guest-stars.

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