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When X Is Not X

(Not really a Freud guy, but the Mother obscuring the received wisdom of the Father via castration anxiety and this eventually being linked to emasculation by the Girlfriend is something obvious -- so obvious it might not even be intentional, especially given they keep saying "suppress" when they mean "repress" -- that you can pretty much see exactly how this episode is going to play out the second she gives us this info about Frost's suppression/castration device.)

The Intersect, as "an implanted collection of memories," has been hidden under what we're calling a "psychological rock" (which: sure) and so then Chuck goes through 31 days of Halloween -- waterboarded, kitten pictures, groin pull videos, eyeball-staring, skateboard trouble, strobe lights, Rorschach, gut punches, Dingdong/electricity behavior modification -- but no results except that he falls over due to being trapped in A Clockwork Orange for a month while some annoying Aquabats-ish music plays.

Up in the Buy More, the new Greta is Summer Glau, fan-favorite and go-to robot girl for all television shows on television. Here, she's demonstrating range by playing a robotic CIA assassin with legs up to here. I don't begrudge any actor or actress for playing to type, because everybody's gotta eat, and I think she's gorgeous and talented and a great dancer, but the Felicia Day Nerdgasm thing is getting real old, frankly, and when you add it to the "Inability To Let Firefly Go" thing, it just turns into straight up pandering. Nathan Fillion dressed as Richard Castle dressed as Mal Reynolds walks into the Buy More, where he meets a squabbling couple played by Alan Tudyk and Gina Torres. A little goes a long way, is all I'm saying. (And I'll thank you to ignore, for the purposes of this conversation, the screaming coming from my house when Sean Maher showed up on Warehouse 13.)

One of the awful nerds notices that all the Gretas have been named Greta, and Chuck acts twitchy about this -- or maybe about the metalameness of pointing out the Greta thing at all -- before abruptly going into a whinefest about Life In The Absence of the Intersect and how working at the Buy More is pathetic and they should all just kill themselves if that's how it's going to be happening. And then Jeffster puts together and carries out a murder-suicide pact, and the show finally gets great. Just kidding, there's a Cialis joke and a ten minute slide up Walker's beautiful self.

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