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High on his success, Chuck goes to visit Sarah, who is still putting in time at the Fro Yo shop, although they seem to have more Alessi than yogurt. Chuck is gloating, and Sarah is simultaneously barely tolerating and seemingly charmed by his bragging. She invites him to dinner at a restaurant in the train station that night, but I think it was less about reigniting their eternal flame (and BAM! YOU ALL HAVE THE BANGLES IN YOUR HEAD) and more about getting him to shut up. Either way, he is excited. Over at the Buy More, Big Mike is yet again espousing the virtues of Subway when Chuck stops by to pretend to work for a while, but mostly is there to gloat to Casey about passing his solo spy test. Chuck has a present for Casey to thank him for showing him the ropes to espionage. It's a gun or, in Casey's words, "A thoughtful felony." When Chuck tells him that he is meeting Sarah for dinner that night, Casey asks whether he is sure the mission is over. Chuck is sure. Casey, not so much. At CIA HQ, Sarah and Shaw discuss part II of Chuck's mission. Shaw explains that with Anatole dead, the only remaining loose end is the mole. Chuck is going to meet him at the restaurant... and kill him. Sarah is stunned. She doesn't want any part of this so-called Red Test. She doesn't even want Chuck being part of it. He's not ready, he should never be ready. Shaw doesn't really care. He also doesn't blink. Like, maybe Visine should start sponsoring this show, too, and Shaw can take a few minutes to add some Visine to his eyes and blink a bunch. That could take up at least five minutes per episode. Shaw points out the rather obvious fact that as a spy, Chuck will most likely have to kill someone and maybe he should do it now, with Sarah as back up. Sarah's not convinced.

Chuck gets all dolled up to meet Sarah at the restaurant. He doesn't wear a pocket square, though, because he has NO CLASS. Sadly, Chuck truly seems to think he is on a date with Sarah. He settles across from Sarah, compliments her outfit, and apologizes for coming on too strong last night. He just wanted to make his intentions known before things got too serious with Shaw, her boyfriend, his boss. In what universe is it okay to hit on your boss's girlfriend because you saw her first? Good grief. He is never going to make it as a billionaire industrialist with those social skills. Sarah stops him. Not just because Shaw is most likely listening, but because Chuck needs to shut up so she can tell him about the second part of his mission. She hands him another blue sparkly bubble envelope, which seem highly unprofessional even for the CIA. Inside is a photo of the mole. They have arranged for them to meet at the restaurant. Sarah swallows hard and tells Chuck that he needs to kill him. She hands him a gun discreetly wrapped in a napkin. Obviously Chuck freaks out just a little bit. Sarah remains calm and professional and reminds him that this is what spies do. [Didn't he see La Femme Nikita? - Zach] He doesn't have to do it, but if he wants to be a spy, he does. Chuck whimpers something about how if he does this they can be together? But Sarah says no, probably not, BECAUSE SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND. She gets up to leave, reassuring Chuck that they are sure of the man, and his mission is clear. She leaves Chuck alone at the table, pausing just long enough to let us know that she cares.

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