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Buy More. Montage of Morgan interviewing Ren Faire roommate applicants. One guy thinks he's a king, one is shirtless and half horse or something, one is a hot lady. Then Casey's there to tell Morgan to shut this down, since the Buy More's a delicate cover. Morgan swears he has no idea why these people would show up, then realizes FINALLY that Jeffster! messed with his post. He suggests Casey let him move in to his extra room, but Casey's left the room before Morgan can even finish that thought.

Macau. Chuck, Sarah and Vivian are on a boat. Vivian's being briefed on the plan: Chuck will be her bodyguard, and she'll present her card and then go to the vault. She'll also have to pass a verification process once inside the vault. She's worried about the test, so asks Chuck to stay close. Once at the bank, Guillermo Chan introduces himself (in at least our second Lost shout-out, since it's Pierre Chang, first introduced as Dr. Marvin Kandel in Orientation). They check Vivian's card and lead her up the stairs. Problem is, they won't let Chuck go: "Account holders only." He wants to bail, but she wants to use this opportunity to learn about her dad, so she goes on without him. Chuck stands there, worried, staring at the scary mercenary/guard at the bottom of the stairs.

After a commercial break (is anyone actually watching Harry's Law?), Chuck calls Sarah on his magical earpiece and tells her what's happened. She checks out the blueprints of the building and tells Chuck the back way to get to where Vivian is. He sees the emergency door he needs to take and notices he'll need a key card. It's that simple, folks. All he has to do is take out the mercenary/guard. But instead of that, he annoys the crap out of the guard by asking if Vivian's really safe up there. So the guard punches him in the chest, and Chuck falls toward him, swiping the key card. Sarah's confused at first, listening from outside, then impressed. As Vivian and Chang arrive at the vault, Chuck heads that way. In the vault, Chang takes a surprise DNA sample to make sure Vivian is who she says she is. Sarah guides Chuck to the correct vault, with an "Oh, no!" in the middle when she gets a text from Ellie about going cake-tasting. Chuck wants to talk about this, of course, instead of focusing on the mission. He tells her to pick one thing to be excited about, to ease her way in. As Chuck's heading toward the vault, he walks by another empty vault and flashes: It's full of servers stolen from the Chinese Army. He doesn't know what they're for, but tells Sarah a bank wouldn't use military-grade tech unless they were up to something.

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