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In the vault, a computer is quizzing Vivian. She passes the first question: "Please state your full name" with "Vivian McArthur Volkoff." And the second: "What business would you like to transact?" with "I would like to access my father's account." The last question -- "Are you working with a law enforcement agency?" -- is trickier, because she pauses before saying "No." But Chang comes out of a side room and tells her she's passed the test. He tells her that she'll find subsequent visits to be less invasive. Then he gives her all Volkoff kept at this bank: a safe deposit box of his most prized possessions, which are pictures and newspaper clips about Vivian.

In the hall, a mercenary/guard runs into Chuck. He tells Sarah he can handle it, until another guy puts him in a chokehold. She's on her way. A couple guards lead Chuck to Vivian, as she's leaving the vault, and tell her that her bodyguard was found in a secure location. Chuck apologizes to "Ms. Volkoff," but she pulls a gun on him. Chang is telling her this isn't necessary, but she says Chang hasn't been lied to like she has. He tells her no, he just means she doesn't need to do this on bank property. She puts the gun down and leads Chuck to the bottom level, where she hands him off to Sarah, her "head of security." Chuck -- who was legitimately worried Vivian might kill him, I think, while she had the gun on him -- whispers to Sarah that Vivian's getting pretty good at this. And, in case that wasn't anvilicious enough, Chang stops her and tells her he didn't see the family resemblance before, but now he sees she is her father's daughter.

Castle. Chuck, Sarah, and Vivian are looking through the contents of the safe deposit box. Chuck wonders if there's any way this stuff could contain clues about where Volkoff's money is, but Vivian says no; they're just pictures... of her. Chuck says they've hit a dead end, but Sarah hopefully says Langley might uncover information about the servers Chuck saw. (So, what? Does Vivian know Chuck's the Intersect now? They're being awfully free discussing his flashes in front of her, considering they've only known her for a few days and SHE'S A VOLKOFF!) Sarah gets a text from Ellie: She's had a wedding epiphany and wants to chat with Sarah. To Sarah's credit, she leaves the room to call Ellie, giving Chuck and Vivian a chance to talk some more. Vivian really wants to see her father and talk to him now that she knows he's been paying attention to her whole life. Chuck says maybe she can talk to him. Vivian thought the CIA had him locked up somewhere, so Chuck says, "Yeah, but I am the CIA." And I don't know how it's possible -- because that reads like the most arrogant sentence in the world -- but it comes out of Zachary Levi's mouth without a shred of arrogance. He says he'll ask around and see if they can set up a meeting, because he knows what she's going through and will do everything he can to help. She gives him a huge, thankful hug before he can even finish talking.

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