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Chang greets Vivian warmly this time at the First Bank of Macau, while Sarah and Chuck have a cute, pointless moment in the setup van (or boat). He puts her nylons on his head, thinking she packed them for a disguise. But she packed them in case they get to go out later, duh, and wants him to take them off before he wrecks them. They wear trench coats and sunglasses instead. As Vivian's left alone with a mercenary/guard and her safe deposit box (which she's putting money into, so it doesn't seem totally pointless that she'd come back; as if she couldn't put it somewhere closer, like Burbank. Or Boston), Chuck and Sarah stroll into the bank to rock music, in slow motion. They set off the metal detector and then start shooting the place up. Sarah loses her trench coat, and is looking as hot as ever in a skin-tight black bodysuit. She kicks some ass. Chuck flashes and does the same thing. Vivian's guard runs off to help out with the robbery, telling her he'll be right back. She opens up a panel under the vault, plus in her phone and begins "Uploading Digital Tag."

Sarah and Chuck divert things sufficiently for Vivian to finish what she's doing, which is when Riley comes in and tells her the CIA is using her; they don't want to help her. She doesn't believe it, so he asks if one of the agents has seemed especially nice and helpful, and then shows her a picture of Chuck. He says this is agent Charles Carmichael, and he's the one responsible for putting her father in jail. Down in the bank, Sarah and Chuck discuss her wedding epiphany between yelling at hostages about breaking their faces or not to be a hero. It's pretty cute. Back up in the vault, Vivian tells Riley her father's a criminal, but he says that's just what they want her to think. She says that Chuck promised her she can meet her father, but Riley says that's not going to happen. The only way she can get to know him is to work with Riley. He leaves his business card and tells her to let him know. He also gives her necklace key from her father back. Vivian heads down the stairs, which is when Chuck and Sarah say they're done and take her "hostage." Chang tells everyone not to shoot; "she's a Volkoff." Which still counts for something at the First Bank of Macau. Outside the bank (I think?), Chuck and Sarah burn up the money they stole in a burn barrel, as Vivian sulks. Chuck tells her she did great and notices she seems cold. He asks if everything's okay, and she lies that it is. They load up in a truck and head out.

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