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Aw Shucks, Chucks

Sarah gets ready for her big night out. We get gratuitous shots of her in her matching black lace underwear. Reminding me for the second time in two minutes that this show is totally geared towards seventeen-year old boys. Meanwhile Casey is preparing for his big night out of killing Chuck. Casey target practices on photos of bin Laden, Hitler, spares Reagan, and totally misses Chuck. Hmm. Does that mean Chuck and Reagan have something in common besides lovely locks? Does Casey love Chuck? Ho yay!

Chuck is ready to leave for his date, but his sister grabs him for a last second heart to heart. She wants to know if he has had any more revelations or big ideas about what he wants to be when he grows up. He suggests secret agent and she laughs. Ha ha, joke's on her, eh? Chuck wants to finish college and learn an obscure language and he definitely doesn't want to work at the Buy More for another week. She's impressed with his grown-upiness. To ward off any future signs of adulthood, Morgan shows up and asks Chuck to blow off his date in order to play video games. Chuck giggles. Of course he's going to ruin his one chance with Sarah to play a video game with Morgan. Of course he is!

There's a knock at Casey's door. He scans the deliveryman for weapons, checks his verification code and hands over the Cipher. When he notices that there is no back up the deliveryman gasses him. Uh oh! Do we suddenly have a need for two Intersects? Task accomplished, the deliveryman calls his contact. It's Michael Clarke Duncan. He tells the deliveryman that he has two more targets: Sarah and Chuck. Chuck rings Sarah's doorbell. As Chuck has promised no gun fights on this date, Sarah leaves her gun sitting on her dresser. The camera zooms in on it and stays there for about ten minutes. That's a lot of foreshadowing that is. Watch out for falling anvils!

Sarah and Chuck are on a date and Morgan comes up in the first ten minutes. Oh, Chuck. Mentioning Morgan on a first date is like mentioning your mother, your ex-girlfriend and your interest in ham radio operating rolled into one. Sarah scoffs and Chuck defends Morgan against Sarah's mild criticism. Chuck claims Morgan has always been supportive of their fake relationship and has always thought it plausible for a Nerd Herder like Chuck to be dating a smokin' hottress like Sarah. Sarah fishes for compliments like she's guest starring on Deadliest Catch and gets all weak in the knees while forcing Chuck to keep talking about how pretty and smart she is. Chuck wonders what Casey would think if he knew what they were doing. Sarah laughs, "It would probably kill him." Speaking of killing him, Casey is gassed and dying in his apartment. Ha ha! He struggles around, cracks open a portrait of Ronald Reagan revealing a stashed epi pen. He then pulls a cord and gives himself a cold shower in his hallway. I guess that was the best place to install an emergency shower in the event he got gassed in his own doorway? I guess this happens a lot to spies? Enough that if the contestants on Top Design were asked to design a room for a spy they should put an emergency shower in the living room? And why the long shot of the drain? I don't care if he ruins his wood floor with water damage. Anyway, refreshed from the shower, Casey jabs the epi pen into his chest. Yuck. Anyway, back to Sarah and Chuck! Sarah reminds Chuck that she doesn't get to choose her assignments. They are about to kiss when the Intersect in Chuck's head goes crazy. They are surrounded by mercenaries. Chuck asks Sarah if she has her gun. Doh! Uh oh, Scooby gang's in trouble!

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