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Aw Shucks, Chucks

The mercenaries are working for Michael Clarke Duncan, who enters the room clad in a black leather trenchcoat. He asks Chuck to come with him on the grounds that he is imposing and yet the people who hired him give him the heebie jeebies. That's enough of a threat for Chuck, but not for Sarah. She goes for the chopsticks, but Michael Clarke Duncan stops her with a one-two headlock thing. Just then a beep goes off on Chuck's watch. Michael Clarke Duncan asks what it is and Sarah chirps, "It's a homing device!" As soon as she totally gives away the fact that they have back up, Casey rams down the wall of the restaurant yelling, "Anyone order drive through?" Sarah and Casey jump into the car and take off under a barrage of gunfire. In the car Casey breaks it to Chuck that he is once again the Intersect. Chuck whimpers a little and Sarah swears they will find the Cipher.

It's seven a.m. and Chuck's alarm clock is once again playing Huey Lewis (time to change the radio station!), this time "Power of Love," but Chuck isn't in the mood. He isn't in the mood for Awesome. He isn't in the mood for breakfast. He isn't in the mood for choosing an assistant manager. I am not in the mood for that storyline either. Chuck nominates Morgan to be assistant manager, but Morgan refuses to work that hard. The interviews must go on. I need a drink. Chuck starts with Anna. Her resume is scented! She is still dating Morgan! She is rubbing Chuck's leg to make Morgan jealous! Barfy! Second interview is drunk old guy. He's a mess! He's been working at the Buy More since it opened! Third interview is skeevy Lester! He's skeevy! Luckily Casey barrels in to the break room to break up the tedium. He slams Morgan's face into the wall. Hee! I totally agree! The pattern of the cut on Casey's face sets off the Intersect again. It is all about Michael Clarke Duncan. Chuck kicks everyone out of the room to tell Casey his new information. He knows who Michael Clarke Duncan is. He knows where the gang hangs out. He knows where they are keeping the Cipher. He wants to jump in the car and go go go! Casey won't do it. He wants a tactical team and back up and all that boring responsible spy stuff. He may also be putting off getting the Cipher so he doesn't have to kill Chuck. But Chuck doesn't know that. Chuck confesses that he can't do the spy thing anymore. He wants a real life and he wants Casey to go back to being a real spy again. Casey looks a little hurt as he stomps out of the room to go get Sarah. Chuck follows him to the Olde Orange Orange Shoppe. In a remarkable flip flop, Chuck wants to go with the big kids to fight crime and do spy stuff. He wants to be Charles Carmichael Super Spy again. Casey and Sarah ignore him and tell him he is too small to ride this ride and go off to get the Cipher without him.

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