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Aw Shucks, Chucks

Meanwhile, Chuck left Morgan in charge of choosing a new assistant manager. Morgan, being more than mildly retarded, has decided to stage a cage fight to determine the winner. It's based on Thunderdome and it is almost funny. Chuck makes it back to the Buy More just in time for Big Mike to tell him that he has a computer emergency and has to go. They asked for Chuck specifically. I wonder who called? Sarah and Casey and their backup tactical unit storm the warehouse Chuck saw in his head. It's empty. Casey curses Chuck and Sarah thinks they may have been too slow. Chuck knocks on the door of his "computer emergency." It's Michael Clarke Duncan. Are you surprised? Me neither.

Casey tells Sarah to call Chuck because he has a "feeling." It's probably his first feeling ever. He should bronze it. Sarah tries Chuck on the cell. Nothing. She tries Buy More. She gets Morgan who bravely interrupts Thunderdome to answer. Chuck faces down Michael Clarke Duncan and asks about his computer trouble. Michael Clarke Duncan takes off his leather coat, hands it to a henchman, and starts cracking his knuckles, stretching, and getting limber. He is going to break Chuck's neck because he saw his face and heard his voice. Chuck gulps. He looks around and sees the Cipher, helpfully sitting in an open case on a table. As Michael Clarke Duncan talks smack about Chuck's friends being on his to-do list, about Chuck falling into a trap, and about Chuck dying, Chuck looks around nervously. Suddenly he has a thought. He turns away from the window he is mournfully staring out of and he has a new persona. He introduces himself as Charles Carmichael, CIA agent. He tells Michael Clarke Duncan that he didn't walk into a trap, Michael Clarke Duncan did. He has twenty-three troopers, seventeen snipers, four demolition experts, five sentries, and a partridge in a pear tree. Michael Clarke Duncan has no choice but to give up. Michael Clarke Duncan and his forty-two henchmen laugh. A few look out the window and declare the coast clear. Chuck laughs because of course the coast is clear, they're not the FBI. (Oh snap!) All Michael Clarke Duncan will see is a muzzleshot and a ticket to hell. Michael Clarke Duncan does not look amused. Inexplicably Chuck calls Morgan. He asks Morgan to recite the exact specs for the team surrounding the compound. Morgan recites: twenty-three troopers, seventeen snipers, four demolition experts, etc. etc. He adds that he got impatient and took out a sentry with a head shot so he couldn't report back. Hee! Morgan's entire existence now makes sense. Michael Clarke Duncan looks nervous. The henchmen look nervous. Chuck tells him to give up. Michael Clarke Duncan gives in on the premise that Chuck is either lying or crazy. With Michael Clarke Duncan and his henchman otherwise occupied, Chuck makes a break for it. He grabs the Cipher and runs.

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