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Volkoff. Alexei Volkoff.

Cut to Chuckles breaking through a lot of long Get Smart halls and into his mother's cell. She says he shouldn't be there, but he's going to prove she's innocent. Cake! Chuck tells Frost he needs the truth if he's going to help her. He fills her in on what Casey found out, and she says it's all true. Twenty years ago, Volkoff started to suspect she was working with the CIA and was a step away from discovering she was a mother. So she admitted she was CIA and told Volkoff she wanted to join him. She cut all CIA ties and started working with MI-6. Chuck wants her contact, but she says it's not that simple since Volkoff has sources in the CIA, who will tell him if anyone gets wind of this, wasting a 20-year mission. Chuck says she can trust him, especially since he and his girlfriend are sort of in a fight right now, so he won't tell her. She asks if he wants to talk about the fight, and he says no, but admits Sarah doesn't trust him. But he repeats that she can trust him, so she does. She says her handler at MI-6 is a guy named Tuttle, who she's supposed to meet today. She sends Chuck, and asks him to say "per fas et nefas" (through right and wrong). Chuck repeats it a bunch, and she says it's the only way Tuttle will know he can trust her. She tells Chuck that Tuttle doesn't know he's her son, because nobody does. He gets it, but sort of forgot the code.

Awesome arrives home to find Ellie poring over the classifieds. She knows it's crazy, but what if her dad did leave her a message. She points out that it can't be just a coincidence that every day since he's died there's been an ad for a 1968 Mustang. Awesome thinks she would have found a hidden code if there were one. But she wonders if this Mustang was an important last message from her dad.

Buy More. Morgan wants to have a heart-to-heart about how Casey lied to him, and how is he supposed to be a better spy if he has to be the magnet, or wait in the car, or be lied to by his partner and friend? Casey grunts and leaves. Which is the perfect opportunity for Chuck to invite Morgan on his next mission. Morgan wonders if he gets to parachute out of a plane onto a wild horse. Chuck: "You do not. But you do get to wear an earpiece." That's quite enough for Morgan.

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