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Morgan's at Castle, telling Sarah and Casey that Chuck disappeared while doing what Mrs. Bartowski wanted. Sarah wonders why he keeps trusting her, and Casey says she's going to tell them what they want to know and storms into her cell. Morgan wants to come, but Casey tells him to stay.

Back in the plane, Tuttle decides to try one last thing from the manual, and pulls himself out of the rope binding his hands together. He frees Chuck, when Ana Gasteyer comes back with tweezers. Chuck's picked up a tiny dentist's mirror, which he holds up to her tweezers. Tuttle, excited: "Oh, cool! A tiny weapon standoff." Timothy Dalton really is excellent at playing this doofy bumbler. It's so entertaining. But Ana pulls out a large knife and swings it in Chuck's direction. Tuttle just watches it all in fear. When a big guy comes out to help Ana, Chuck ducks and the guy punches Ana instead. Then Chuck flashes and beats the big dude right up, with an assist from Tuttle in the form of a knife thrown into the big guy. Accidentally. (He was trying to throw it to Chuck, it seems.)

Casey and Sarah are grilling Frost on Chuck's whereabouts, but she isn't saying a word until she talks to her daughter. They won't let her, and she assures them Chuck's safe if he's with her handler. She also tells Sarah that maybe Chuck's gone because of their fight. Sarah's clearly annoyed she knows about it, too. Morgan comes in then, irking Casey until Frost recognizes and warms up to Morgan, whom she recognizes from when he was nine. He promises her she can see Ellie if she tells them what she knows about Chuck's whereabouts. He says, "You can trust me, Mrs. B," so she says she'll tell them if they take her to see Ellie.

Tuttle gathers parachutes so they can escape the plane. After a quick joke about there being only one parachute, Tuttle gets two of them and they suit up. Tuttle breathes heavily and says he's just excited because this reminds him of that great episode of Alias. He squees like a TWoPer: "I loved that show!" Ana starts to wake up, so they open the plane door and jump, Tuttle first. When we return from a commercial, Chuck wakes up in the back of a sheep truck. Tuttle says Chuck knocked himself unconscious when they landed, but he got them into the back of this truck. He tells Chuck these sheep are going to the lamb chop factory, but he and Chuck are going to L.A. Tuttle wonders why Chuck's so intent on helping Frost. He asks if Chuck's "giving her one." Chuck says he's not; he's very professional. Plus, he has a girlfriend anyway, and they're right in the middle of their first fight. Tuttle says he doesn't want to pry, but Chuck doesn't mind talking about it. He starts in as they pass a "Los Angeles: 123 miles" sign. In other words, Tuttle's getting the full, since-season-one version.

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