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Volkoff. Alexei Volkoff.

Out in the van, Morgan watches monitors and tells Casey they're all surrounded, and tells Casey to give them hell. Casey asks if he's coming, but Morgan figured he had to stay in the van. Casey tells him that he'll never learn anything in the van. Morgan excitedly follows Casey inside, all "Yes, sir. I forgive you, too, Casey." Back inside, Sarah and Chuck bicker about how and why he'd tell everyone before he told her. She doesn't let the anger stop her from going after the bad guys, but she does tell Chuck he might as well have posted about their fight on Friendster. He laughs that people stopped using that five years ago. Hey, at least Sarah's cute. Sarah asks how Chuck knows he can even trust Tuttle, who he met five minutes ago. Chuck says he forgot: Sarah doesn't trust anyone unless General Redhead tells her to. They continue to bicker, until Frost says, "Kids. Kids. ...We need to do something." Tuttle agrees. Chuck and Sarah then bicker on who will take the big guy and who will take the small guy when they head out to fight the bad guys. Everyone's okay with this plan, so Chuck flashes. They fight the bad guys, and Sarah says this is exhausting. He agrees that it's hard to fight the big guys, but she means fighting with him. She hates it. So does he. She says she was trying to protect him, but he doesn't need protecting; he needs her to believe in him. She says she does, but he says he means really believe in him, even when he's wrong.

With the bad guys all down, Frost and Tuttle come out. Tuttle says, "Two field agents in action. What a show!" Then Ana Gasteyer gets up with his gun trained on Chuck. Sarah yells "No!" But Tuttle's the one who dives in front of Chuck and takes the bullet. Frost kicks Ana's butt, and she's down again. They all gather around Tuttle, who apologizes to Chuck and gives him the disks. He says it's up to him now. Sarah calls Casey and wonders where he is. She tells him about the man down. Tuttle tells Chuck to get those files to the computer. For Frost. Sarah says they're going to Orion's base, and Chuck wonders about Sarah's orders. She says she's not fighting him on this anymore; if Chuck trusts Frost, so does she. They leave Tuttle lying there, bleeding.

When they get to Orion's base, Frost says she always assumed he moved to a different house. Chuck says it was his life's work, and she looks around as he heads to the computer. Casey and Morgan, meanwhile, finally reach the room with Tuttle and all the other injureds. Morgan babbles, until Chuck tells him to "muzzle." Chuck and Sarah run the disk from Tuttle as Morgan and Casey find only blood left in the spot where Tuttle was sitting. Frost searches files and finds a box labeled "Eurybia" as Chuck and Sarah find the triangle disk to be empty. Chuck thinks this doesn't make sense, since the MI-6 files are supposed to be on here. They try again and again. Sarah pulls a gun and tells Chuck to stay there as Frost walks away from the box with some sort of gadgety device in her hand. Chuck comes out and finds his mom. She says his father never wanted Chuck to see this, but she knows now he was wrong. She holds up the little mini computer and flashes all sorts of Intersect-ish images in his face. He finishes reading it, right as Sarah comes around and tells Chuck to get down. Chuck asks what Frost did, but before anyone can do or say anything, Sarah gets knocked out. The camera pans up a nice Bond-style suit to reveal Tuttle. Chuck's all, "What the...?" So Tuttle explains there is no Tuttle. "My name is Alexei Volkoff. I believe you were looking for me." He approaches Chuck and punches him in the face. Blackout to commercial.

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