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Chuck's at the Buy More, digging for Nerd Herder keys. Morgan walks by and tells Chuck he trusted the wrong person. Chuck's heading out with the keys, when Sarah walks in. She tells him they have good news, and he asks if it can wait, citing a "computer emergency." She tells him it's about his father. They found him. Chuck looks slightly skeptical, and asks "Why? How? Where is he?" She says one of their recon teams intercepted him as Fulcrum was moving him. She smiles and says he's back at the Castle, safe, and it's all over. Chuck laughs and almost cries, relieved. He tells Sarah he owes her an apology, because he was beginning to believe Jill was right: that the CIA would never let him go, that they'd always put their best interests ahead of his (well, of course they would; the CIA is not really in the business of looking out for one person but more about trying to stop larger threats to larger populations, but I digress...). He thanks her for always looking out for him, and she looks guilty.

At Castle, Casey gets his tranq gun ready, and then looks at the security cam feed of Sarah and Chuck talking. She leans in to hug him. She whispers, "Take off your watch." He asks why, and she says it's all a lie: His dad is still out there, but General Redhead sent her to take him to Castle, and they plan to take him underground. She says they have to run. Chuck looks completely thrown, but he takes off the watch. Casey watches, but can't see what they're doing, since Sarah's blocking Chuck's wrist and hands. She drops the watch in a Buy More shopping basket on their way out. That won't take Casey long to figure out, though. Not the best plan in the world. In the car, Chuck is still shocked that Sarah's committing treason for him. He tells her she could go to jail, and she says she knows. She doesn't add what we all know, though: OF COURSE she is, you dummy! She loves you.

Next week: Chuck's trying to find Bakula, while the government is trying to find Chuck. Casey snarls either "I never betray my team," or "Never betray my team." It's not totally clear, thanks to promo monkey editing. Roark is back, too. There are explosions and fighter jets and more. Oh, and Chuck and Sarah in bed, making out. This show is so bringing its A game right now. It better not get canceled.

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