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Everything Changes

Chuck makes small talk with Jill in the visitor's room about prison food. She asks what he's doing here, so he fills her in on his dad being captured to rebuild the Intersect. He doesn't explain his dad's Orion, though, so apparently Jill already knew that? She guesses he wants her help and tells him to forget it. Chuck tells her it's not his fault she's in prison; she betrayed her country and Chuck, and now all he's asking for is help getting his father back. Jill says she might be able to help, but she needs a deal. Casey, who's watching, says, "Do not make a deal!" It's unclear if Chuck has an earpiece, but he tells Jill he's not authorized to make any kind of deal ... though in this case he could make an exception. That makes me think he must have Casey in his ear. He loves to antagonize the beast. Who growls.

Back at the Buy More, it's mayhem, as Twisted Sister sings "We're Not Gonna Take It." People are running wild like a day care full of kids hopped up on sugar. They're ignoring the long lines and the people asking for help. And some of them (Lester included) aren't wearing all of their clothes. Anna delivers a note to Morgan from Buster. Morgan heads to the back room, apparently following the note's instructions. He goes into the cage, and Buster appears behind him, shining a flashlight on his face. Buster tells Morgan he hates him but since everyone else listens to him, he needs his help getting everyone to behave. He says that if corporate is happy with his performance, they'll have no choice but to promote him out of here. Morgan asks how he knows he can trust Buster, who says he doesn't, but they both want Buster out. Buster spits on his hand and holds it out, and Morgan actually shakes it without even flinching. Gross.

Casey puts an ankle bracelet on Jill as he mutters that he can't believe they made this deal. He adds that if she doesn't follow through, it's off, and if she tries anything shady, there's the added bonus that Sarah will shoot her. Jill doesn't know where Chuck's dad is, but she says her "Uncle Bernie" might know where they're holding him. She explains he's not a real uncle, but a friend of the family, who recruited her into Fulcrum. She says she can trust him, because he's her dad's best friend. But he's guarded 24 hours a day except for at family functions. Chuck wonders if there are any coming up, but there aren't. So Chuck says they'll have to create one...

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