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Everything Changes

Chuck's phone vibrates. It's Morgan, who wonders where Chuck is. He could use Chuck's help for a situation at the Buy More. Chuck says he's on an install, so Morgan just asks him what to do when the person you think you can trust the least is the person who can help you the most. Chuck looks at Jill on a security camera, in her Castle holding cell, and tells Morgan that sometimes you just need to trust someone and do whatever it takes. Morgan says that's what he thought and thanks Chuck.

Chuck goes to Jill's cell and apologizes to her through the glass, saying they're sending her back to prison. She says it's not his fault, and that at least she got to see her family one last time. She apologizes for not being able to help him. He says that's okay, and he's sorry about her Uncle Bernie; he had no idea the Morgan was so lethal. She laughs and asks Chuck to promise her that she won't let them change him like they changed her (though the "theys" here are two very different things, let's hope). She tells him she liked wearing the ring, as she pulls it off and hands it to him through the hole in her cell glass. He touches the glass and walks off. She says they were never going to let her go, even if they found his dad. She tells him that NSA, Fulcrum, and the CIA are all the same, and they won't let him go either. She tells him to watch his back. He just nods, but you can tell that's all sinking in.

At the Buy More, Morgan asks Buster when he's out of here. Buster says he only needs one more thing: for Big Mike to say something nice about him. He says that Big Mike won't ever say anything nice about him, because he needs Buster in order to avoid doing any work himself. He closes by telling Morgan that if Buster left, Big Mike would have to expend all his energy on the store, instead of on Morgan's mother. That seemed to get Morgan's attention. Buster gives Morgan a recorder on which to tape Big Mike saying nice things about Buster, which will release him from "Satan's pit." Morgan says Big Mike won't talk to Morgan about another employee, so Buster tells him to find Big Mike's weakness (Buster says his own is Renaissance faires) and exploit it.

That leads to our big old product placement, as Morgan walks into Big Mike's office with a Subway sandwich and soda for Big Mike. Big Mike opens the sandwich and is totally Joey, all, "I'm listening." Morgan asks Big Mike what he thinks of Buster, and when Big Mike says he shouldn't talk about employees in front of him, Morgan tells him not to think of him as an employee. He calls him "Dad" for good measure, which wins Big Mike over. He says if you can't trust family, who can you trust?

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