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Everything Changes

Jill's out of her cell, all handcuffed. She and Chuck are saying goodbye, and he thanks her for trying, when a phone rings. It's in Bernie's body bag, which Chuck unzips and digs into to find it. He sees it's an "Unknown Caller" and says if it's Fulcrum, it could be his last chance to find his dad. So he answers, pretending to be Bernie. They say they're moving Orion and want all agents back at base. Sarah tells Chuck to keep them on the line, so they can trace the call. Chuck's all, "Yeah, I'll be back at base, pronto, but he'd like to discuss a couple things first." He rambles about his salary, since he's been working the midnight oil, and his work speaks for itself. Casey beckons for Chuck to keep going, so Chuck says there are other things they could talk about, which include but are not limited to the dental plan and he could also use a gym membership (he says, "I mean, have you looked at me?"). Casey and Sarah get the trace, so Chuck's all, "We'll talk at the base. Bye." Casey mocks him for using "dental plan." Sarah says the building is an office building off Mulholland, which Jill knows. It's headquarters for Strength Leadership Corporation, which runs training seminars, but it's really a Fulcrum recruiting front. And they'd take Orion there because they have holding facilities on the eighth floor. Jill asks to go with them, since she knows her way around. Jill says they need her.

At the building, Jill and Sarah sit in the van while Casey and Chuck go in, all suited up. Jill tells Chuck not to trust anyone, because even though it looks like a boring office building, everyone is Fulcrum. Which he knows as soon as they walk in, because he starts flashing on everyone. He tells Casey these are all assassins, and Casey tells him to relax; if the going gets tough, he could always deploy the Morgan. Sarah tells him she's watching his every move, so he'll be safe. Jill tells them to say they're there for auditing, which is testing. They sign in and are sent to the second floor. Jill directs them past the testing center, though, to the elevator. She says the holding cells are on the eighth floor. When they get there, someone asks them what they're doing there. They say they're there for auditing, so the guy asks who set the meeting. Jill tells them to say Mr. Doernhoffer. So they do, and he directs them to the correct room for testing. Jill tells them to do what he says; she'll find another way to get to Chuck's dad.

The test proctor scolds Chuck and Casey for being late. She shows a brief video before the test. It actually says, "Welcome to Fulcrum," and then continues that it's solving tomorrow's problems today. It's very patriotically propaganda-filled, so it's surprising Casey isn't a little bit won over. They're supposed to begin the test, so Chuck asks what to do now. Jill tells them they have to take the test, since they don't want to raise suspicions. Casey mutters that he hates tests and then tries to look at Chuck's answers. Chuck leans forward to hide his test screen, and Casey's all, "You're joking, right?" The guy who found Chuck and Casey on the eighth floor is explaining to another guy that he found them there as they're looking at them take the tests through cameras that are apparently inside their test screens. They look up their faces in whatever database they have that's apparently not the Intersect, and quickly get identities for both of them. They wonder if Chuck's there to rescue his father.

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