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At the Buy More once again, the corporate guy tells Buster how impressed he is that the store's running smoothly and that the employees, "for some strange reason," respect Buster. I love that he added the "for some strange reason," because it's awesome that even the corporate guy hates Buster. He would just like to find Big Mike. Buster says he took the day off, and plays Morgan's recording of Big Mike saying Buster's a good worker, which allows him to fish three times a week without the store ever missing a beat. The corporate guy says he came down here to evaluate Big Mike, and now he's off fishing? Morgan's listening as the corporate guy continues that Buster's been gunning for Big Mike's job all year, so now it's his. He wishes the new store manager good luck as Morgan looks pissed.

The test proctor congratulates Chuck on his impressive test score, saying Bill Bergey would like to meet him. Jill explains that's head of recruiting, who will know where Chuck's dad is. Casey asks how he did, and the proctor says he failed -- and, in fact, had one of the lowest scores they've ever had. Chuck laughs, but says that Casey makes up in brawn what he lacks in intellect and that they certainly have a job moving boxes or heavy equipment. The proctor still just wants Chuck. Sarah tells Casey to stand down and let him go, since they can track him with his watch. Chuck's led one way, while Casey's led out of the room. Someone approaches Casey with a gun and calls him "Agent Casey." Uh-oh. Casey looks shocked for a second, but then grabs the gun and knocks two guys out. He steals a badge and asks Sarah to talk to him. She tells him Chuck's on the 15th floor in a secured area, so he'll need a way in.

Bill Bergey greets Chuck, and introduces himself. He asks him to sit down and then quickly tells Chuck he knows who he is, and that his father is Orion. Chuck says he's not tracking this, since he's just there for the seminar. Bergey says Chuck's out of luck, since the seminar is full. He asks if Chuck's wearing a wire, and Chuck says no. They put a gun to his head and ask again. He says he is and gives it to them. Sarah tells Casey they've got Chuck, so she's going in. Jill tells Sarah to take her with her. She asks how she knows she can trust her, and Jill says she can't, but they're the only chance Chuck's got. Moments later, we see them through a security camera entering the building. Someone sees it and notifies the guys with Chuck that there are intruders on the 15th floor. Alarms start blaring and Twisted Sister starts singing "We're Not Gonna Take It" once again, as Sarah and Jill start fighting everyone they see. A couple guys leave the room Chuck's in and tell the guys they're leaving behind that if he tries to escape, "shoot him." Chuck says, "Guys, honestly, I'm not gonna try and escape. Scout's honor." Hee.

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