Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips

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'What the Hell Is Wrong With Him?'

After a commercial break, we're back in the same scene, only they have Morgan repeat it in case someone didn't see what came before the commercial. Casey and Sarah come up behind Morgan as Gertrude yells over the intercom for Grimes to secure the zip drive. Morgan turns and tells Casey and Sarah to hand it over. Casey laughs no, and Morgan tells him to remember what he's capable of. He "zooms" and dodges all their tranq bullets, Matrix-style. So Chuck pantses him, giving Casey and Sarah a chance to land a tranq dart. Humiliation and tranquing? Awesome!

Back at Castle, Chuck and Casey work up a plan for getting Zorn and the documents, but Sarah wants to talk about Morgan and Gertrude. Casey says Gertrude's dead to him, but Sarah watched what happened in the office so clearly he still has feelings. She tells Chuck to admit this is more than an ego thing; what if Morgan needs help? Chuck says it's pure seventh-grade Morgan, and how is he supposed to help him if they're not friends anymore?

In a backroom at the Buy More, Awesome checks out Jeff, who can't remember the last time he saw a doctor. "When was the last time I got something stuck up in me?" Ew. He asks Jeff is he has trouble focusing, and Jeff starts banging on Awesome's stethoscope. Awesome marks that as a yes. Jeff asks if he has any short-term memory problems, and Jeff asks if Awesome knows he's "cha-cha" under his gown. He starts to lift it, and Awesome tells him to keep it down. He asks if Jeff has any trouble performing at work, then says he's got that one and marks it as a yes. He writes Jeff a prescription. Jeff's excited for pills, but the script just says: "Stop sleeping in your van." Doctor's orders. Jeff pouts.

Sarah meets Ellie for lunch to talk about the Intersect. Ellie says it's acting differently in Morgan's head because it's a different program. Oh, really? So Chuck's brain wasn't special?! I'm so confused by this show's continuity (or lack thereof). Ellie says that if Sarah thinks there's something wrong, they should have someone remove the Intersect. Right, because that's so easy. Sarah says she doesn't think Morgan's going to go for that, but Ellie says they should try to appeal to his memory to get through to him. It doesn't return temporal lobe patients to normal, but helps them cut through the fog. Sarah leaves Ellie and calls General Redhead, who assumes this is about Zorn. But Sarah tells her instead that the Intersect is malfunctioning in Morgan. She explains that Morgan put on the glasses General Redhead sent to Chuck, but General Redhead never sent any Intersect glasses. Uh-oh.

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