Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips

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'What the Hell Is Wrong With Him?'

Sarah shows up at Castle and fills Casey and Chuck in that the Intersect wasn't from General Redhead. She says it must be from Decker or someone else in the CIA. Chuck's like, "Why would anyone want to hurt Morgan?" And Casey's like, "You. It was meant for you." She fills them in on her conversation with Ellie, too. Chuck can't believe he didn't see this earlier; this isn't just seventh-grade Morgan. According to General Redhead, Morgan's still tracking Zorn. Casey calls him a "snake in the grass" for copying the zip drive, but responds, grudgingly, "Right, it's not his fault" when Sarah and Chuck glare. They're all headed that way anyway, to get Zorn. Now Chuck wants to save Morgan. Casey: "If we must."

When they arrive at the roof where Zorn's helicopter is expected, Sarah, Casey and Chuck are all dressed like they work on an airplane (do people dress like this for helicopter work?). They don't see Morgan, so Casey says maybe he betrayed his team, too. "He left Alex." Chuck reminds Casey his brain is breaking down and it's not his fault. Something tells me Casey's not forgiving what he did to Alex that easily. A helicopter lands and Team Bartowski hides. It's Verbanski and Morgan, here to steal their business. But Chuck says this isn't about business. He stands up and reveals himself. He tells Sarah he's going to talk to his friend. He approaches, but Verbanski and their third guy pull guns on him. Sarah gets up and points guns at them. Morgan and Chuck bicker about the pantsing/tranquing incident, which is when Zorn and his guards come up onto the roof. Sarah and Verbanski fight over Zorn, who's like, "Ladies, please don't fight," then slinks away. He should just run at this point. Morgan and Chuck fight about the Intersect. Morgan won't believe it's a bad Intersect; he thinks Chuck just can't handle being the dorky sidekick. Chuck tells Morgan the Intersect is why he's not acting like himself. Morgan wonders why he'd want to act like himself; does Chuck even remember him? Chuck: "Yes, Morgan! Do you?"

Zorn followed my advice and ran to the helicopter, which he starts up. It stops all the fights, at least -- even Casey's boring one with the guy we don't know. Morgan pulls a real gun, and shoots the helicopter's gas tank, then points it at Zorn. Chuck tells him he's not a killer, but Morgan asks how Chuck would know. Sarah says, "Because you got pantsed by Meredith Lester in seventh grade. Chuck, you've got to unlock his memory." Morgan says he doesn't even remember seventh grade. Chuck tells him to put the gun down and try to remember. But Morgan asks why he'd want to remember being humiliated by some stupid girl. Chuck says then he'd remember how they got back at her. He says he's his best friend, and always has been. "Who else would have helped you stand up to the queen of eighth grade?" Morgan turns and looks at Chuck, and asks what they did. Chuck says they stole Meredith's ham sandwich. Morgan remembers they spiced it up somehow but can't remember how. He finally remembers they shaved off his first moustache and sprinkled it on her sandwich. Chuck tells him that's who he is, and Morgan agrees that's who he is. Zorn asks them to please take him to jail, because they're all a bunch of maniacs. Sarah and Gertrude decide to work together and split the bounty.

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