Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips

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'What the Hell Is Wrong With Him?'

Morgan quits working for Verbanski as the gas from the helicopter tank finally reaches the light on the roof. A fire starts up, with Morgan and Gertrude between the flames and the plane. Casey says the auxiliary tank's going to blow the whole roof. Chuck and Casey both dash through the flames to save their chosen ones, despite Sarah's protests. Casey carries Gertrude out all romantic-like, and Chuck has Morgan flung across his back. But they get them to safety right before the helicopter explodes. Gertrude tells Casey she knew he was into her. He tells her to shut up, and they kiss. Sarah's thankful Chuck and Morgan are okay. Morgan asks Chuck if they're still friends, and Chuck laughs no. Then he says of course. Morgan thanks Chuck for saving him, and Chuck says, "Anytime." Even without the Intersect, Chuck's way cooler and more heroic than Morgan could ever be.

Castle. Casey's choosing which gun to take on his date with Gertrude, which is adorable and hilarious. He decides to take both the rugged and dependable Smith & Wesson and the cool and sophisticated Sig. Their date's at a gun range, which Sarah thinks Gertrude will love. He asks her if she wants to tag along and follow in the van, since he's wired for sound. He just cannot stop being on a mission, I guess. Chuck comes in with a check from the government for completing their mission. It's more than $2 million. And Chuck says it's just the beginning since Carmichael Industries has a new lease on life. Well, I think they probably need to get the Intersect out of Chuck's head first.

1980s sitcom music plays as a clean-cut Jeff (no frizzy hair, even) walks into the Buy More. Lester wants $20 to taser one of their co-worker's nads. But Jeff, eloquent, says he won't be party to the reckless endangerment of a co-worker and friend. Lester asks if Jeff's high, but Jeff says that he's seeing things clearly for the first time in a long time. "And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go put my quinoa salad in the fridge." Lester's completely baffled. I think this will be a fun change if the show sticks it out.

At the Awesome Abode, Awesome checks out Morgan, whose vitals look fine. (The hair, on the other hand...) Morgan says he hasn't been acting fine, but Awesome says he knows a very good brain doctor. Morgan says he wants this thing out of his head, but part of him will kind of miss it since he was a supercool superspy. Now he goes back to being a schmuck who works at the Buy More. Awesome relates. He says that he lost his identity when he first became a stay-at-home dad. He advises Morgan not to confuse his job with his life. Morgan thanks him, then goes to Casey's to apologize for everything -- especially what he did to Alex -- and see if they can still live together. Casey gives him his Star Wars blanket and shuts the door in his face. So he goes to Chuck and Sarah's and says he might crash in Jeff's van now that he's not using it. He says he'll be all right, but Sarah's like, "Absolutely not. You're going to stay with us." He doesn't know what to say, so Chuck asks him to say he'll lose the frosted tips.

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