Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips

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DeAnn Welker: B+ | 1 USERS: A+
'What the Hell Is Wrong With Him?'

General Redhead calls Chuck, and he heads to meet her in the parking garage. He's alone this time, which is good, because she tells him there's a kill order on Morgan. The CIA doesn't like that he told everyone he had the Intersect. She says this goes way above his head, so Chuck knows it's Decker. General Redhead tells him to get Morgan off the street. "Protect your friend, Chuck." He tries to call Morgan, but Morgan's in the shower so he misses the call. Outside, someone plants a bomb (or some beeping device) on the bottom of Morgan's fancy motorbike thing, as he walks outside, heading toward it. I still wouldn't mind.

Next week: Chuck tells Decker to call it off, since Morgan's Intersect-free. But Decker can't call all the orders back, so Chuck pretends he's Morgan. Then Decker shows up looking for Casey, in what announcer guy tells us is "one disturbing twist." Hey, is it finally getting good? Can't wait for that.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, thinks it should have been more difficult to get Morgan back to himself. You can contact her at

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