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Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back

...and then Chuck's coming out of his place, whereupon he runs into Ellie, who asks him for a favor in regard to Awesome. Chuck: "I told you, I can't get him to stop cooking with no shirt on." Chuck, I think I speak for everyone when I say this: THANK GOD. Ellie, however, is stressed out that Awesome keeps shooting down her baby name ideas, and she'd love to get that settled so she can focus on, you know, having the kid, so could Chuck help convince Awesome of the merits of the most wonderful, special baby girl name...

...and we cut to the Buy More, where Awesome incredulously repeats, "Grunka? Hee. Chuck is no less horrified, but when he recalls that Ellie said she wants the name to be original, he offers that he may have a way to "stop this Grunka think in its tracks." I hope so, because I don't care what how good the genes are, "Grunka Woodcomb" is a tough thing with which to saddle a kid.

Casey gives Morgan some crap about Alex, but Morgan, after doing his best impression of Colin Firth in The King's Speech for a while, tells Casey he really cares about Alex, which gets him some unexpected approval from the big guy. Aw. Chuck then enters and asks if Casey's heard anything about Sarah from Beckman, but Casey says they're still waiting for contact. This comes more quickly than he was anticipating, as Sarah, after disabling Castle surveillance, enters in her black catsuit and greets the boys, apologizing for all the cloak-and-dagger stuff and explaining that she couldn't let anyone see her (maybe she thinks Volkoff has eyes on the place). Morgan: "Wow, Sarah, you look...evocative." Heh. Sarah tells them how great it is to see them, but she doesn't have much time; she's headed to "Seabrook Super-Max Prison," and she needs them to create a diversion so she can break The Gobbler out of there. She shares some photos of The Gobbler's victims, which receive the grossed-out responses you might expect, and then explains a bit about Hydra before her watch signals that she's got to go rendezvous with Volkoff's men. She starts to take off, but Chuck chases after her for some make-it-count kissing before she tells him to call her on "the secure line" with a plan. I just hope the CIA thought to come up with a tonal equivalent for "Gobbler."

We've arrived at the prison, which, as a chyron helpfully informs us, is in Portland, Oregon, which I was given to understand is an idyllic place with an insanely low cost of living and massively progressive and civic-minded people, so it seems like an odd location for a jail. Then again, the fact there's not a cloud in the sky reminds me that fiction does take its liberties. Anyway, Casey and Morgan are dressed as guards (that Morgan could pass for a maximum-security prison guard is another one of those liberties I was talking about) with Chuck, sporting some kind of, er, artwork on one of his cheeks, as their prisoner. Morgan explains that the "tattoo" is they symbol of some scary gang, and then of course manages to smudge it, but Casey, bless him, tells them to get it together, as they can only divert surveillance for a short time period. Morgan gets rid of the face art as Casey reminds Chuck to knock The Gobbler out so he won't know Sarah had help getting him out of there...

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