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Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back

Chuck has just left a message for Beckman when he runs straight into Volkoff and his men, like, NICE TO BE AWAKE THERE, INTERSECT GUY. I mean, I guess he thought any trap would be up on the ninth floor, but still. Volkoff tells him he's just in time to see Sarah take a game-changing step - making the choice to join the other side. They head upstairs...

...while Sarah desperately asks how they can sell a fake Casey death. Casey suggests he let her retrieve her gun and shoot him in the shoulder, but Sarah's not down for that, although it seems preferable to what they actually end up doing. Not that that remains a viable option anyway, though, as Volkoff and Co. arrive on the ninth floor, whereupon Mary is of course surprised to see her son. Back at the fight, Sarah slams Casey up against the window, through which he sees, some floors down, a platform constructed for painting or some other work. He tells Sarah to throw him out the window, and spins her around so she can see the ledge, which he estimates is a forty-foot drop. "I've done sixty, easy." Heh. Sarah agrees, and manages to drop the Hydra piece into his jacket pocket to give to Chuck, and then, just as the other players enter the room, Sarah gets the better of the "fight" and gets ready to do the deed. Volkoff notices she's lost her gun, and, apparently satisfied as to her loyalty, offers to kill Casey himself, but she calls him off. We then get the line from the episode's beginning as Casey, acting beaten down, asks if that's all she's got, and then she comes in close, raises her arm, pauses... and then punches him through the window. Chuck cries out in horror, but Casey does indeed land safely on the platform, and he and Sarah (she's facing outward still) both smile...until the cable holding the platform breaks, sending Casey plummeting to the (grass, thankfully) below, and Sarah gasps her way into the last commercial break.

When we return, Sarah takes another moment to pull herself together, and then faces the group and tells them it's done. Chuck can only croak out the question of why, leaving Volkoff to explain silkily that she did it all for Chuck, but he might want to give her a bit of space. "Taking a leap like this is painful for all involved." I'm assuming he's making a little joke at Casey's expense, which as long as Casey pulls through I'm going to find HILARIOUS. Chuck stares at Sarah in disbelief until one of Volkoff's henchmen rather mercifully knocks him out from behind, and although Sarah instinctively kneels at his side, when Volkoff asks if she's ready to go, she tells him she is. Mary lingers a moment to regard her son, but she too departs, while downstairs, Casey's fate remains uncertain...

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