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It's a Thanksgiving Miracle

As Chuck and Jill arrive back at his apartment courtyard (I wonder if she attended to the Leader's "Urgent" message?), she asks if he's sure he's okay and he says that this is just him on the verge of total happiness. She asks him to hang out tonight. He tries to make excuses, but really has no reason. I have an idea: Maybe he should say that he has to work at the Buy More, since he almost never does that. Jill leaves and Chuck's summoned into Casey's apartment for a meeting with Sarah and Casey. He tells them he thought Jill was normal and doesn't understand how this happened. Cue Agent Redhead explaining that Jill was probably recruited at Stanford. Chuck asks her who in his life isn't a spy, and if he should start asking everyone he meets. She ignores him, and tells him he needs to keep up his relationship with Jill and see if she tries to make contact with this "Leader" person he flashed on at the hotel. Sarah tries to tell Agent Redhead that Chuck's not ready for this type of mission, but Chuck says he'll do it. He's seeking some revenge after being betrayed by Jill yet again.

Chuck arrives home, where Ellie is neurotically cleaning for Awesome's parents, whom she and Chuck refer to as "the Awesomes." She actually calls them "the Very Awesomes." Which ... awesome. Ellie's fluffing pillows and squeegeeing windows, and she won't even let Chuck sit on her perfect couch. She is stressed because the Awesomes are both doctors and they have three Awesome boys, so Ellie always feels judged by Mrs. Awesome. Chuck can't believe how much Ellie's using the nickname. She says she's "just a little stressed."

In Chuck's room, Morgan's outside the Morgan Door asking if Chuck's alone. He's afraid Chuck's with "the other woman," but Chuck says there is no other woman. Morgan's relieved. Morgan smells Thanksgiving right then, and starts freaking out. Chuck says Ellie's practice-cooking, and Morgan heads toward the kitchen. We get a slow-mo sequence of him watching Ellie pull the turkey out of the oven. She has him try it, and he loves it. She thinks it's too dry, though, and throws the whole turkey in the trash. Morgan is horrified, and rightfully so. He asks her to please not hurt another turkey like that, and then she uninvites him from Thanksgiving because of the Awesomes.

At the Buy More, Chuck tells Morgan he's going to talk to Ellie to get him re-invited. Morgan is babbling about how Anna's out of town, so Chuck and Ellie are his only Thanksgiving hope. Until Big Mike comes by and calls Morgan over. Mike thinks it's sad that Jeff, Lester, and Morgan don't have Thanksgiving plans, so he would like them to stand guard at the store to guard all of the Black Friday inventory.

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