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It's a Thanksgiving Miracle

Jeff's putting a trip wire all around the Buy More entrance area. Lester says he does this every year, but it's really sad because Jeff's the only one who trips over it. Lester and Morgan are about to eat their really disgusting microwave Thanksgiving meals. Morgan sings the wonders of real Thanksgiving and tells Lester he has to get out to bring a turkey back to the Buy More. They hotwire the electronic doors and manage to let Morgan out, but only after almost smashing him in it. Jeff then trips over his trip wire, and then Big Mike gets a security breach phone call alerting him that the door was opened. He drops his fishing tackle and starts running.

Ellie's frantically preparing food, but Awesome gets off the phone and tells her his parents can't make it. She's very excited at this development, and he seems to be too. This is a match made in heaven, folks: They agree about the parents/in-laws at the holidays, which can be a big relationship argument. Awesome wonders if they can just have their Chuck and Morgan dinner, and Ellie realizes she uninvited Thanksgiving's biggest fan. Just then they hear something outside and find Morgan rooting through the trash. He has the old turkey, and Ellie runs to hug him. She apologizes for uninviting him, and he tells her he understands. Things have been stressful: the Awesomes, the new boss at work (why would this stress Ellie?), the Chuck and Jill thing. Oops! Ellie's like, "What Chuck and Jill thing?" And Morgan tries to pretend he didn't say anything about Jill, but it's too late. She wants to know everything. He says he'll tell her if she'll let him bring a couple extra people to Thanksgiving.

In the OOSSL, Chuck opens the holding area Jill's in to ask if she needs anything. He wants to ask her some lie-detector questions. He tells her he can work it because he read the manual for the entire OOSSL. She makes fun of him for being a geek, but he says he just "skimmed it." It would be cute if she weren't, you know, evil. So he starts asking her questions, and she gets all positives: Their relationship was real, her emotions were real, she didn't love Bryce, she didn't even sleep with Bryce. This is actually a really cool reveal, because it means Bryce didn't do anything bad to Chuck back at Stanford other than get him kicked out, which he was doing to protect him from having to be an agent. That doesn't negate that he later turned him into the Intersect, but it does redeem him an awful lot from Stanford.

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