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It's a Thanksgiving Miracle

Casey and Sarah arrive at the mobile medical unit where Leader's being treated for the gun shot. They make the doctors leave, and they take him over.

Back at the OOSSL with Chuck and Sarah, she tells him Fulcrum made her break up with him and she made up the Bryce thing because she knew Chuck wasn't talking to him anyway. He's happy she didn't listen this time when Fulcrum told her to kill him, at least. He guesses that means something, and she says it does. She never wanted to hurt him. She tells him he was her first love. Interesting that she used the past tense. He asks if she thinks they could try again when this is all over, and she asks him to let her out of the chair she's strapped into. She says yes and then kisses him passionately, so that he might not notice the "Negative" that comes up on the screen. But he notices it anyway.

Sarah calls and tells Chuck they have Leader and are coming back. He says, "Great. See you then," and we pan out to see Jill pointing a gun at Chuck. She apologizes to him. Her sorries are starting to mean very little to me, and I'm hoping Chuck's feeling the same way.

Casey and Sarah bring Leader into the OOSSL, and Chuck yells to Jill that she promised she wouldn't hurt them. She points two guns, one at each of them, and tells them to put their guns on the table and remove Leader's cuffs. Chuck apologizes for letting her out. Leader's freed and asks them to show him the way to the holding area. Jill stays with Chuck and tells him to do what Leader says and he'll be okay. He asks how she could do this and she says it's complicated. It always is in love and spying. Leader comes back in and compliments her on her excellent job. They want to see the "access screen for the Joint Intelligence Database." Chuck pretends he doesn't know how, but when Leader threatens to kill Sarah and Casey, he does it. Chuck's putting it all together and realizing the whole thing was a setup from the start -- down to Jill shooting Leader. Leader responds, "Devious, aren't we?" and then tells Jill to lock Chuck up.

On the way to their holding cell, Chuck tells Jill she's making a mistake. He asks questions and while she answers them, he grabs the manual to the OOSSL off the table and then takes it into the holding cell with him. She tells him they're looking for Bryce, and Chuck plays dumb. She tells him not to do that, because they know he's CIA. She leaves, and Casey says they're looking for the Intersect. Chuck tells Sarah he's sorry he didn't listen to her about not being able to trust Jill, but he has a plan. He starts punching the keypad in his holding cell. At first I didn't like this, because I thought they'd never put keypads inside holding cells, because what if prisoners knew how to use them, but then I told myself they would have them for exactly this purpose: If some evil villain locks up the people who run the OOSSL, they can use the internal keypads to get out. Casey seethes at Chuck for using the Castle manual (when did they start calling it the Castle anyway?), since he told him it was top secret. Chuck: "I know. So am I."

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