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It's a Thanksgiving Miracle

Meanwhile, a very pissed off Big Mike is making his way back from fishing to save the Buy More.

And then the screens Jill and Leader are looking at go fuzzy, and they head back to question Chuck. He's like, "I read the manual." He says he locked them out of the computer system using the remote console, and that they can't open the bulletproof holding cells since he overrode all of that from inside, and he has the manual in there with him. Oh, and they can't call for backup since he also jammed the communications signals. And he triggered the CIA's trouble alarm. Chuck finishes his awesome speech with "The nerd in me really really wants to say 'Checkmate' right about now," but Leader has another trick. He thinks the bulletproof cells won't withstand a bomb, and places one on Casey and Sarah's cell. Casey and Sarah both tell him to ignore it and stay safe in his cell, but he instead opens his cell and gets out. Leader wants to be shown the way out of OOSSL. He leads them out with a gun pointed at him. Back in the holding cell, Casey and Sarah get a message from Chuck on their remote console. It says, "I also unlocked your door. Taking them to Buy More. Unleash the Casey." As much as I love that, I just don't think he had time to type that. Unless he pre-typed it in case this happened? I'll go ahead and believe that's it. Their door opens and they run out.

Chuck, Leader, and Jill come into the Buy More through a hole in the floor. Chuck leads them toward the doors, deftly stepping over Jeff's trip wire, which takes Leader down. Jill points a gun at Chuck, but then Sarah's there pointing a gun at Jill. Casey comes in and fights Leader, as Sarah takes off after Jill. Chuck yells, "Sarah, don't hurt her." Chuck follows them and sees Jill sneaking up behind Sarah with her gun pointed. Chuck pleads with her to please come with him; that he can get her out of here. She turns and goes with him.

Casey and Leader continue to fight and Leader knocks Casey out, getting the upperhand. He says, "You thought you were going to take me down," and we hear Big Mike yell, "No, baby! I am!" as he runs toward Leader and knocks him out. He tells Casey he hates thieves and then calls Morgan a "smart boy" for putting Casey in charge.

Chuck's leading Sarah to a particular Nerd Herd car that he tells her is the perfect get-away car (you know, except for the conspicuous Nerd Herd design scheme), with his all-wheel drive, touch-screen navigation, iPod capability, and a full tank of gas. I love that Chuck thinks iPod capability is an important component in a getaway car. He promises her he won't call it in. She thanks him, and it seems sincere. She gets in the car and asks Chuck to come with her, saying they can still be together. She says, "No secrets, no spies," but he says he can't. He realizes they have chemistry and attraction, but there's one small problem. He pushes a button on the car key remote, and the windows go up on the car, handcuffs come out of the steering wheel exactly where Jill happens to have her hands, and the stereo says the car is in "Detention Mode." I love that they've made a Nerd Herd detention vehicle. Was it in case Chuck ever went rogue while on a service call? Jill pleads with Chuck not to do this to him, as Sarah walks out of the back of the Buy More and watches from a distance. He tells Jill he wanted to help her, and was going to let her get away, but when she was about to kill Sarah in the hall it made his decision easy. Sarah looks moved, and surprised. Chuck says, "You're under arrest, Jill. And I'm breaking up with you." When did Chuck become a total bad-ass?

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