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It's a Thanksgiving Miracle

Chuck and Sarah are headed to Ellie's Thanksgiving, as Chuck apologizes for not listening to her. He says he's too trusting and is just getting used to all of this spying and lying. Sarah tells him not to get used to it, because being a good guy and not like every other spy is what makes him special, and that he can leave the deception to her. He says he's glad he has her and he grabs her hand. Oh, how romantic! He loves her for being the deceiver. She agrees they're better as a team.

Inside, Awesome is putting the turkey on the table and Jeff and Lester look on in awe. Ellie pulls Morgan aside to make sure Jill is not with Chuck. Morgan says that's what Chuck told him, and they both say they hope Chuck's not breaking up with Sarah. Morgan tells Ellie they need a Thanksgiving miracle, and that Sarah and Chuck will walk through the door as happy as can be. Just then, they walk in, and Ellie tells Morgan good job. Sarah and Ellie hug "Happy Thanksgiving," as Chuck looks on sweetly. But then he notices the table and asks Ellie if she realizes Nerd Herders Jeff and Lester are at their table. She tells him she knows, and that the Awesomes couldn't make it. Lester's giving Sarah a way-too-long hug, as Ellie asks Chuck if he's okay and tells him that Morgan told her about him and Jill. She says she was worried about him. He says Jill wanted to see if they could work it out, but Jill and Bryce are a story from his past, and his new story is Ellie and Sarah and "these freakin' yahoos." He puts his arm around her and they join everyone else at the table. Everyone, that is, except Morgan, who's trying to make more "Thanksgiving miracles" come through the door: "Swedish bikini team." "Flying DeLorean." Chuck calls Morgan to the table, and then Chuck toasts and the camera pans outside the window as they all say "Happy Thanksgiving." Is it wrong that I feel sorry for Casey not getting to be part of it? What did he do for Thanksgiving dinner? Just brood alone somewhere?

Next week, we meet Casey's mentor, Marcus Dixon, who we are to believe is even tougher and meaner and scarier than Casey. And Chuck is not liking that.

DeAnn is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. You can contact her at

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