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Chuck Versus The Helicopter

Elie's bustling around as Captain Awesome opines that the dinner is going to be "radical." Kidding! Morgan turns up, followed shortly thereafter by Sarah; meanwhile, Casey is trying to tell Chuck he's going to take him to D.C., but Chuck escapes and heads home. Chuck, understandably swayed by the explosion, makes some pointed comments to Sarah that reveal he no longer trusts her, but everyone else is oblivious, and Sarah tells Chuck that his sister is "awesome." Captain Awesome: "In-DEED." Hee. After some talk about Bryce that feels a little forced, Casey, whose face in this one shot seems to have miraculously healed, crashes the party with an excuse about having moved in upstairs and wanting to bring some mini-quiches over, and when he gets Chuck alone, he tells him how Sarah killed a bunch of French diplomats a couple years earlier. Chuck gets a memory and sees that she poisoned them, which freaks him out, because she's brought dessert. Chuck, attempting to stall, gives a fumbling, freaking-out toast, and then tries to yank the tablecloth out, Morgan-style, in an effort to spill the soufflé -- only the tablecloth comes out without disturbing anything on it. Ha! But Casey thinks quickly and kicks the table, which drops a candle onto the soufflé and lights it on fire. He hilariously comments, "Flambé!" Hee. Adam Baldwin is all kinds of awesome, and I know at least one person who would agree with me in those exact words. After Chuck "smoothly" puts the soufflé out in the shower, Sarah gets him alone and manhandles him; she admits she killed the French guys, but says they were assassins. She then realizes that Casey must be innocent and has a revelation, and she leaves, followed by Chuck and Casey, but she runs into the doc, who's predictably not dead. He pops her with a couple of shots from a tranq gun, and when Casey and Chuck rush out, he hits Casey with one for good measure before driving away.

Over Chuck's objections, owing to his aversion to needles, Casey gets him to pull the dart out of his shoulder; fighting to remain conscious, he says that if they don't get to Sarah, the doc will torture her. He goes on that he put "microbots" in the quiche, and they can use them to track her. Chuck realizes he isn't kidding. Casey: "I don't kid about quiche." Hee. We learn that Casey made some enhancements to the Nerdmobile when it was in the shop, and he pops out a fancy GPS system from somewhere hidden on the front console. They get going...

...and then they're at Buy More. Casey tells Chuck to wait there, and then falls over from the tranquilizer. Heh. He gets right back up, though, and then they hear screaming from the home theater room -- only it's Morgan, watching some movie in which a woman is screeching her head off. Realizing that Morgan is the one who ate all the quiche, Casey looks disgusted enough to blow Morgan's head off right there. I wouldn't approve of that, but I wouldn't mind him shooting the fork out of his hand so he'd stop stuffing his face on the remains of Elie's dinner. Chuck and Casey leave...

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