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Chuck Versus The Helicopter

Chuck is getting dressed for Bryce's funeral; Elie recognizes that he's wearing their dad's suit, and he ruefully says it's his only one. Elie tells him he doesn't have to go; we start cutting back and forth between this conversation and the funeral as Chuck replies that he and Bryce had a lot of history. We see Chuck hanging back at the funeral, and then he looks over and sees Sarah doing the same. Chuck opines to Elie that he blew things with Sarah, but she counsels him simply to apologize. At the funeral, Sarah gets overwhelmed and leaves. Meanwhile, Casey is keeping an eye on Chuck when he gets a call from the General; they agree that the situation is under control for the moment, but she tells him the "new intersect" will be up and running in six months. Casey, maybe seeming not to want to hear the answer, asks what happens to Chuck then. The Red-Haired General: "You'll do what you do best." Make more snarky comments at him? Awesome!

Chuck goes into Wienerlicious, and Sarah amicably greets him, although she does breezily say she was only at the funeral because Bryce was her partner. Chuck apologizes again, and she in turn apologizes for yelling at him. She adds, though, that with the doc gone, there will be more missions and more secrets about which he can't tell Elie or his friends, and wonders if he's ready to be a hero. He reluctantly nods, and then Elie, Morgan, and Captain Awesome enter, and Chuck sheepishly says that they thought they'd give the dinner another try. The episode ends with Chuck biting into a corn dog and making a "Your cooking is coming along nicely" face. Next week: Spy stuff!

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